Cheer for the Seahawks, but don't forget to vote 'yes' on the bond first

Web-Editorial-Gary-MugGood schools are so important and that’s why we urge those living within the Tonasket School District to vote yes on the 12-year bond. Yes, nearly $7 million in facilities improvements is expensive and while the economy seems to be improving everywhere else, we aren’t seeing it as quickly in our neck of the woods.

However, the best way to improve ones community is to have good, safe schools. Reducing overcrowding and class size is one of the number one factors in helping kids learn. A good education gives kids a fighting chance to go on and improve their lives, to become the kind of citizens we want in our towns and out in the world representing our communities.

Schools that graduate students who stay in your community or go out in the world and then come back – they have a desire to live in the place that offered them a home with a good education. That’s what most of us want, to earn a good living and to raise our kids in a place where they feel safe and can find the skills to compete with any other kid around the world.

Many years ago, after years of neglect, Tonasket made the choice to build new school facilities. Voters also approve levies to keep the facilities they paid for in good condition. Right now it isn’t a case of neglect it’s a case of growing too large for the great buildings that you voted to build. By voting for the bond you will help to reduce overcrowding, build a alternative school and make upgrades to sports facilities including making them ADA accessible for those in your community who deserve the same opportunities that we all do. The track, and ballfields also need upgrades, as well as the restrooms.

Expansion of the elementary school will create space for the preschool, add classrooms and other rooms that currently are using classroom space or the hallways, in some cases. Then these classrooms could go back to being used for classrooms and thus reduce class sizes. The expansion of the elementary would include dual use restrooms that could be used by the public during sporting events as well.

The middle school would be expanded with four new classrooms, which would alleviate crowding issues at the high school. And the gym would also be expanded so there would be room to open up the bleachers for athletic events like they should be.

The bond is expensive, but when most of us went to school our parents and grandparents paid for us to get a good education. Can our kids expect anything less? Waiting another year or two won’t result in lower costs. Now is the time to make sure that our kids can get the best education they can to go on to become valuable parts of our community.

Cast your vote, get it in the mail and get back to getting ready for this Sunday’s Super Bowl. Go Seahawks.