Booster Club Auctions a good cause

Editorial Gary MugWhile this is a particularly newsy issue, sometimes we just run out of time/space to put in all the items we’d like to. When 5 p.m. rolled around I still didn’t have all the new staff at Oroville School, their photos and bios, worked into a nice school page. That’s going to have to wait until next week and unless some quit in the meantime I think the introductions will prove to still be valid for the vast majority of our readers.

And, at the last minute Ken Neal delivered the Booster Club Dinner Auction results from the Veranda Beach event. I didn’t make it there as I was out of town, but Ken said Paula Chambers and crew from The Breadline at the Beach did a wonderful job on the dinner. He said it was a grand five course meal for 75 under the tent on the beach and that Ben Hanson kept everyone’s glasses topped off in style. More importantly, according to auctioneer Neal the auction raised more than $6300 from a variety of donated items, including Gonzaga Basketball tickets (go Zags) and Spokane Chief Hockey tickets. Rob Lawrence’s donation of “everything” you need to make ‘smores kit was a huge hit, Ken said and the autographed 2014 World Cup Champion Jersey from Germany brought in some “nice change.” Veranda Beach is proving to be a popular venue for the dinner/auction and it seems the Booster Club will be keeping it first in their line up of two yearly auctions.

I’ve been to a lot of the Booster Club Auctions at the American Legion Hall and found it hard to resist getting caught up in the bidding for all the many items donated by local businesses and individuals, as well as from resorts near and far and from sports venues and athletes. While Neal has done a great job at getting people to raise their hands to bid, people like Dick Garner and other Booster Club members do an equally great job in collecting donations for the two events each year.

Oroville youth continue to benefit, both academically and athletically, from the Oroville Booster Club. It seems there’s hardly a Oroville School Board meeting where the board isn’t accepting another donation from the club to help pay for this or that – items that aren’t covered through basic education or levy monies.

The next auction, the one at the American Legion, will take place on Saturday, Nov. 1. Can you believe it is the 27th annual? They’ve been going on as long as I’ve been at the newspaper. Ken says there will be many great items to bid on, including an autographed Russell Wilson Seahawks jersey, a Mark Rypien signed Super Bowl XXVI football, autographed George Brett baseball and Sports Illustrated cover and Seahawk tickets (and much more).

These auctions are always a good time, full of fun and humor. There’s plenty of snacks and wise cracks, so come out and help support the kids – it all goes to a good cause.