Tonasket looks to extend slower speed zone

TONASKET – The Tonasket City Council is looking to extend the 35 and 25 mile per hour speed limit zones on the south side of town and discussed making the request of the Washington Department of Transportation at their Tuesday, Feb. 11, council meeting.

While there was basic agreement that it needed to be done, Mayor Patrick Plumb said it that there was some discussion over how far to extend the slower zones.

“There was some talk of extending it all the way to the rodeo grounds,” he said. “That may be too far. But we need to extend it far enough that people get the idea that they need to be going slower as they get into town.”

He added that further discussion with the DOT would be necessary before making any changes but that annexations to the city’s south side have added to the necessity of slowing traffic.

The council also passed two ordinances and a resolution:

  • The 10 minute loading and unloading zone in front of North Valley Hospital’s Verbeck Building has been eliminated. That area is now considered two hour parking, consistent with the rest of the downtown core. The 10 minute zone was left over from when the building housed North Valley Assisted Living.
  • Another ordinance provides for the issuance of a taxable water revenue bond for the city;
  • The resolution authorizes the investment of city funds in the Local Government Investment Pool.

The council’s next regular meeting will be Tuesday, Feb. 25, at 7 p.m.