Rep. Short's 'Honor and Remember Flag' legislation for fallen soldiers pass

Honor and Remember Flag

Honor and Remember Flag

Legislation requesting Congress adopt an “Honor and Remember Flag” for fallen United States Armed Forces members passed the Washington State House of Representatives unanimously this week. Rep. Shelly Short, R-Addy, sponsored the measure at the behest of several constituents from her 7th Legislative District.

“This is something I was asked to do on behalf of folks in my district who have lost family members serving in the armed forces,” said Short. “They are seeking a way to honor their sacrifice and to remember their service to our country. The committee hearing and floor action on this bill were solemn, but I’m pleased we were able to get the bill through the first half of the legislative process.”

House Joint Memorial 4004 is part of a nationwide effort to have an “Honor and Remember Flag” displayed as an official flag on military holidays alongside the current United States flag and the Missing in Action/Prisoner of War flag. The national campaign was started recently by the father of a soldier killed while serving in Iraq and has since spread to several states.

Short, who presented the bill in front of the House State Government and Tribal Affairs Committee earlier in the legislative session, said she’s cautiously optimistic about the future of her legislation.

“The bill is now before the Senate Government Operations, Tribal Relations and Elections Committee,” Short said. “I’ll be working with my colleagues in the Senate to get the bill passed through the process over there. Frankly, there hasn’t been any opposition to this proposal. Honoring and remembering those who have given their lives in service to our country and to protect the freedoms we all enjoy is something I think we can all support, no matter the political party.”