Oroville Mayor Jon Neal makes committee apointments

David ‘Mac’ McEleheren selected Mayor Pro Temp

OROVILLE – Oroville Mayor Jon Neal announced this year’s committee appointments at the March 6 council meeting, commenting that with two new council members it was important he got the right mix on the mostly two-person committees.

“It was kind of difficult with two people who are new to the council,” said Neal, referring to newly elected member Robert Fuchs and newly appointed member Mike Marthaller. “I needed to make sure they were not put together so we have some experience on each committee.”

Neal’s first appointment was for Mayor Pro-Tempore and he selected Councilman David McEleheren, who received full support from his fellow council members for the mayor’s choice.

Aviation — Mac McElheran and Walt Hart

Building — Walt Hart and Robert Fuchs

Emergency Aid Board — Mayor Neal, Walt Hart, Mike Marthaller, Clerk/Treasurer JoAnn Denney

Finance — Ed Naillon, Walt Hart

Fire/Ambulance — Mac McElheran, Mike Marthaller

Fire Board — Mayor Neal, Ed Naillon, Fire Chief Rod Noel, JoAnn Denney

Health — Mike Marthaller, Walt Hart

Industrial Park — Walt Hart, Mac McElheran

Library — Mac McElheran, Robert Fuchs

Parks — Robert Fuchs, Ed Naillon

Personnel — Ed Naillon, Mac McElheran

Police — Mac McElheran Robert Fuchs

Sewer — Walt Hart, Mike Marthaller

Solid Waste — Ed Naillon, Mike Marthaller

Street/Weed Control — Robert Fuchs, Walt Hart

Water — Walt Hart, Mike Marthaller