'Okanogan Grown' ag guide now available

OKANOGAN – The colorful new “Okanogan Grown’ guide from the Okanogan County Tourism Council is now available.

This guide can help you find Okanogan Country’s freshest vegetables, fruits, herbs and poultry, dairy and meat products. If you’re looking for something to do with the family, get a guide to find farm tours and activities, U-Pick produce or farm stands to visit. You’ll discover local wineries and breweries, as well as restaurants and stores that offer locally grown and made items.

Agricultural Tourism is one of the fastest growing and highly publicized new industries in North Central Washington. Local orchardists, ranchers and other small farm owners are launching a variety of enterprises to attract visitors and selling them produce, crafts, fresh juices, hay rides, tours, value-added products and a wide variety of other items and experiences. These enterprises generally just supplement other farm income, although in some cases they generate more revenue than the primary agricultural operation.

The Okanogan County Tourism Council produces the “Okanogan Grown” guide in an effort to help renew the connection between consumers and farmers, to encourage the support of local products and to celebrate the abundance of Okanogan Country. It was designed to be accessible to locals and tourists alike, with easy to access information, a map with locations, yellow pages for the vendor directory, and even recipes and a canning quantity guide. For more information or to request a copy of the guide, call (509) 826-5107 or email at info@okanogancountry.com.