Latest election count

OKANOGAN – The Okanogan County Auditors Office posted new numbers to the Nov. 7 election results at 4:29 p.m. Nov. 9, with voter turnout now at 32.58 percent. The next count is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 15. The election will be certified Nov. 28.

In the Tonasket School District Board of Directors race, Clint Duchow has pulled ahead of former school district employee Jeff Yeckel. Duchow has 517 votes, or 51.29 percent. Yeckel has 491 votes, or 43.71 percent. Sharron D. Cox remains out in front of Kent Clark. Cox has 564 votes for 56.29 percent, while Clark has 438 votes for 43.71 percent. Incumbent Ernesto Cerrillo maintains his lead over Allen Godwin. Cerrillo has 692 votes for 66.09 percent and Godwin has 355 for 33.91 percent.

Dennis Brown has double the votes for Mayor of Tonasket against the current mayor, Patrick Plumb. Brown has 60 votes for 66.67 percent and Plumb has 33.33 percent, with 30 votes.

North Valley Hospital Board of Directors race sees two incumbents losing their seats. Board Chair Helen Casey has collected 757 votes for 42.55 percent, while challenger Jean Pfeifer has garnered 1,002 votes for 57.45 percent. Incumbent Clarice Nelson is at 630 votes for 38.46 percent, while Jerry Bradley is at 1,008 votes for 61.54 percent. Incumbent Adam Tibbs has maintained a small lead ahead of former North Valley Hospital District employee and challenger Matt Anderson. Tibbs has 854 votes, or 52.26 percent, and Anderson has 780 votes, or 47.74 percent.

For more information on the Nov. 7 election, visit the Okanogan County Auditors website at or watch for the Nov. 16 edition of the Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune.