Good fire planned for 8,000+ acres across U.S. Forest, including Tonasket & Methow Districts

USFS-Jason Emhoff/submitted photo Prescribed fire helps restore the forest and remove unhealthy woody fuel build-up near Naches, WA in 2016.USFS/ Jason Emhoff
USFS-Jason Emhoff/submitted photo
Prescribed fire helps restore the forest and remove unhealthy woody fuel build-up near Naches, WA in 2016.USFS/ Jason Emhoff

Submitted by Holly Krake

Public Affairs Officer, USFS

WENATCHEE — Over the next several weeks, communities along the east slopes of the Cascades may see a different type of smoke column rising above the tree tops; a column that heralds the return of prescribed fire to the land. Excluded from the ecosystem for nearly 100 years, frequent, low-intensity fire is essential for healthy forests and better protected communities.

“Prescribed fire is one of the best tools we have to limit the size and intensity of future wildfires” said Acting Deputy Forest Supervisor, Al Watson. “After a summer of fires that threatened communities, it can be hard to think of anyway fire is good, but at the right time and the right place, fire is a powerful tool for good.”

While more than 8,000 acres are planned this fall, fewer acres may be completed if conditions are not favorable. Conditions include correct temperature, wind, fuel moisture and ventilation for smoke. When these criteria are met, firefighters implement, monitor, and patrol each burn to ensure it meets forest health and public safety goals including air quality.

“Public and firefighter safety are always our number one concern” added Watson. “Unlike wildfires, we can carefully plan burns to maximize restoration while minimizing smoke impacts and risk.”

Residents and visitors can expect to see and smell some smoke each day during burning operations. For more information on smoke and public health, please visit:

Real-time prescribed fire information, maps, and updates:

Fall 2017 priority prescribed fire by Ranger District:

Tonasket Ranger District:

Frosty                                   450-1600ac    22 miles E of Tonasket, Wash.

Bailey                                    250ac     20 miles SE of Tonasket

Mutton                                 80ac       20 miles SW of Tonasket

Methow Valley Ranger District:

Goat                                      813ac     2 miles SE of Mazama, Wash.

Lost Driveway Piles         1260ac  2 miles N of Mazama

Eightmile Bottom             450ac     8 miles N of Winthrop, Wash.

Upper Rendezvous         683ac     8 miles NW of Winthrop

Lucky                                     56ac       6 miles NW of Winthrop

Chelan Ranger District:

25 Mile                                 731ac     18 miles NW of Chelan, Wash.

Bear Mountain                  124ac     6 miles W of Chelan

Entiat Ranger District:

Lower Tyee                        891ac     3-7 miles NW of Ardenvoir, Wash.

Forest Johnson                 145ac     9 miles W of Chelan, Wash.

Roaring Ridge                    42ac       4 miles NE of Ardenvoir

Bisping Palmich                 159ac     4 miles NE of Ardenvoir

Wenatchee River Ranger District:

Fishpole                               370ac     1 mile SW of Fish Lake, Wash.

Natapoc                               180ac     1-2 miles W of Plain, Wash.

Chumstick                           580ac     6 miles NNE of Leavenworth, Wash.

Cle Elem Ranger District:

Liberty                                  181ac     15-17 miles NE of Cle Elum, Wash.

Orion                                     345ac     15 miles NE of Cle Elum

Naches Ranger District:

Angel                                    100ac     30 miles W of Yakima, Wash. near SR 410

Canteen                               200ac     30 miles W of Yakima near Mt. Clemans

*Additional prescribed fire acres and pile burns may be conducted if favorable conditions allow.