Fundraiser planned for Tonasket Library

Council approves online billing system

TONASKET – Linda Robinet, the new secretary for Tonasket’s Friends of the Library approached the city council to ask permission to hold a rummage sale and car wash August 4-6. Robinet said area youth wanted to use the parking lot next to the Tonasket Visitor’s and Business Resource Center for a car wash to raise money for the library. The car wash will take place from 1-4 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, and the rummage sale will be held the same days (Thursday, Aug. 4 through Saturday, Aug. 6) in city hall from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Council members also approved purchase of a Pay N Seconds online and credit card billing system for customers to pay their water and sewer bills. Costs to the city include a $99 application fee, $139 set up fee and a $239 chip reader card processor. A transaction fee of $3.75 will be charged to the customer each time it is used, whether a customer uses it on a one-time basis or sets up an automatic withdrawal from their bank account. Customers can still pay their utility bills for no charge using cash or checks.

In new business, an application for a peddler’s permit was approved for James McBee to conduct a business called Jim’s Window Cleaning Service. According to City Clerk and Treasurer Alice Attwood, McBee has been in contact with City Building Inspector and Permit Administrator Christian Johnson to set up a home business, but in the meantime McBee intends to solicit business by going door to door.

Police Chief Darren Curtis said he met with Travis West while on a trip home from the police academy he is attending.

“Travis is flying through the program, and is in the 90th percentile of his class. I expect him to be done by September,” said Curtis. “He is home most weekends, but I told him if his family needs anything, to let us know.”

Curtis said he felt fortunate to live in a rural area where “we have above average relationships with the community.”

“Travis mentioned when they were going through use of force, the attack officer said he likes our use of force policy that sums up our officers can use use of force whenever necessary for a lawful outcome. Seattle has a use of force policy that is 61 pages long,” said Curtis. “When you have a policy that long, you are eventually going to break one of the restrictions.”

Council member Maria Moreno reported attending a state audit of the City of Tonasket for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014.

“I want to thank Alice for doing a good job,” said Moreno of Attwood. “There are some things we can improve upon and some things I don’t understand, so I will stop by and talk to Alice.”

Attwood said Council member Dennis Brown also attended the audit.

Brown said he heard several veterans coming to North Valley Hospital’s Veteran’s Clinic comment on the USAF Legacy Park and Pedestrian Bridge.

“They commented on what an anomaly it is for such a small town to have such a large tribute to veterans,” said Brown. “And it has all been through private donations and that’s really great.” Brown said USAF Legacy Park co-founder Roger Castelda is hoping some of the younger veterans will step up and get more connected and involved.

“It’s a conduit for vets getting connected to things they are eligible for. Eric Fritts is a good resource that way.”

Fritts works in the Okanogan County Veterans Service Office located in the Legacy Park at 1 Tonasket Shop Rd.

Council member Jill Vugteveen remarked on the pool demolition and asked if reports were being made to the city regarding time frames.

“No, they are just doing it as they have the money and the volunteers,” said Mayor Patrick Plumb.

Vugteveen also reported a compliment being paid to new police officer Javier Agulair SPELLING?

“Someone said they saw a dog in a car with the windows rolled up on a hot day. They told Javier about it and he got right on it,” said Vugteveen.

Plumb said he went to the Princeton Celebration and Racing Days and was very welcomed.

“It’s a big deal to them for us to be involved in their events, and a lot of people addressed me by name,” said Plumb, adding that he was disappointed George Elliot, who publishes the News Leader out of Princeton would be winding down operations there to move to another area and do free lance writing. “But he said he would keep coming to out Founders Day Rodeo,” said Plumb.

Plumb also said he was pleased to see a Tran Go bus packed with people, and suggestions were wanted for where to place bus stops.

In other business, the council approved a final payment on the Pedestrian Bridge project to Varela and Associates in the amount of $16,583.16.