Two related community subjects

Dear Gary,

It seems we have some communication problems and folks getting stirred up about wrong reasons.

First the uproar about not using the library for an indoor farmers market…. There are regulations our town officials have no control over, yet have to follow. So, please lay off the bashing when they are only doing their job.

We do have in our town a building that would serve very well for an indoor farmers market and it has been offerred for just that. But No one paid any attention to that available source:

Our big Grange Hall built for community use would suit the purpose very well. Plus many other functions.

Perhaps there are some don’t know about the Grange. That could be why it is ignored….

The grange fellowship was formed by our country predecessors. It Is an organization for people of the area to have a place to meet, to be a voice in local needs, to be a source to back our kids with scholarships and things to do. The grange offers many ways to better our community . Some excellent insurance is available through the Grange….Plus quite a few more perks for our town.

Now down to the hard facts: folks are ignoring our group and the building available for community use. If this goes on, we will lose the building and all the things it stands for.

Folks of the area need to come forward and see what the grange can do for our town and area. If we don’t get local backing the grange hall will be lost to everyone……the folks that have kept it going are fetting along in years and need younger ones to come help…please….

Come this Thursday night at 7 p.m. and see what Grange is all about and Gary, please do check it out. It Is a perk for our town and you should not ignore us.

In God we trust,

Betty Roberts