Service flag article brings quick results

Dear Editor,

Well sir, you have certainly earned my highest regards! I was in the grocery store last night when I got a phone call that absolutely lifted my heart; I cannot tell you how wonderful I feel! Sadly, my memory is poor so I cannot recall the gentleman’s name but he assured me he was going to be calling back in a few weeks.

After he introduced himself he told me to rest assured that my family was going to get that flag in the article. Then I was very confused and thought maybe you had shown him the information I e-mailed to you, but then he said he was going to dinner last night and before he left his wife said he should read this article in the Gazette-Tribune It was the article you did about my families flag…he said he had been moved to tears and I was still confused at this point as I did not realize there was a new article that you had penned.

When we realized there was a discombobulation in our conversation we got that straightened out and t his incredibly kind man that balked when I called him a gentlemen took my address and promised to send me the paper he was reading so that I would have a copy of the article you wrote.

Sir, Is there any way I can express how grateful I am? To continue, he is the leader of one of your local veterans groups… again I apologize for my memory, I mean no disrespect to this gentlemen that I do not recall the details more accurately I can assure you, he has forever earned a spot in my heart, right alongside your own.

In the end, he made it clear this was going to be resolved… what a special man.

Thomas L. Wilburn and the entire Thornton family

Editor’s Note: That would be American Legion Hodges Post 84 Commander R.L. “Louie” Wilson who contacted Mr. Wilburn and promised to get the family their banner. See this week’s Out of My Mind editorial (Happy to help local family get their Five Star Service Flag) for more information. G.A.D.