Rep. Hasting doesn't vote for jobs

Dear Editor,

I wish ‘Doc’ Hastings would have listed out the dozens of “pro-growth bills” he and his colleagues supported to create good paying jobs for the Class of 2014.

The Seattle Times runs an interesting feature every Sunday showing the voting record for each Congress member on each major vote taken that week. I faithfully read it.

Maybe “support” means something different to the Congressman than “voted for” because without exception he has voted against any meaningful job creation bill that has come before the house. And has done so for years.

To add insult to injury a few weeks back he voted to kill a house bill that would have not only financed 27 new VA facilities but helped finance the education costs for thousands of veterans.

Also as election time rolls around I would suggest Okanogan County voters check the Times to see what your congressman is really doing.

I might also suggest the Okanogan County Democratic Party pick up a copy every week as well. Might help you to run better elections if you had the information.

William Johnston