Letters to the Editor, June 9


            What is itthat we see when we are away from home, whether at work or engaged inrecreational activities? Do we see inspired individuals and communities? Are weable to recognize the positive character traits of common sense and wisdombeing present in the fabric of our society?

            Are ourchildren inspired? Are teenager (especially in large urban areas) filled withhealthy and creative energy because of the positive role models found in theirhomes, schools and local neighborhoods?

            Does thenews on television an the worldwide web inspire us to become better citizens?Are elected governmental representatives behaving in an inspirational manner ona daily basis?

            Do most ofus feel an obligation to try and make our evolving society and the world as awhole a better place to live, especially for the children of today?

            When amajority of Americans can say yes to all of the questions above, we will haveachieved something truly spectacular. And then, perhaps, we will be able toshare our newly invigorating culture with other interested countries around theglobe for the benefit of humanity in general.

Ray Gattavara

Auburn, Wash.