Touch of Grace Massage opens in Tonasket

TONASKET – Tired muscles and sore bodies have a new ally in Tonasket.

Laura Loney started Touch of Grace massage at the Evolution Health and Fitness Club in early March. Loney is a licensed massage therapist.

“I joined Evolution because they were just starting up, like I was,” Loney said. “I also wanted to align myself with the concept of health and fitness.”

Loney and her husband Elwyn moved to Tonasket from Vancouver, Wash., in September. Elwyn is a familiar face to many – he grew up in the North Valley and was police chief in Tonasket many years ago, said Loney.

She was a massage therapist in Woodland, outside of Vancouver, for about six years, she said. She was also a licensed chiropractor for three years in the early 1990s. Loney has worked with auto accident victims and people who have suffered work-related injuries, she said.

“My experience as a chiropractor and working in a chiropractic clinic over the last six years has given me a different perspective,” she said. “I’ve had a loyal client base in the past and I’m eager to serve the community.”

Loney is also a Pilates instructor and hopes to begin teaching a course at the gym soon, she said. She also plans to add body treatments to her menu, including body wraps and facials.

Loney is currently working at Evolution Tuesday through Thursday, but plans to be there full time soon.

The message therapist has introductory rates through March. A 60- or 90-minute massage is $10 off, at $35 or $50 instead of $45 or $60. Her 30-minute massage is $5 off.

She also offers hot stone massages, down to $50 instead of $60 for 60 minutes through March.

“Those are absolutely wonderful,” she said.

There is no requirement to be a member of the gym to see Loney.

“Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come,” she said.

Appointments can be scheduled by calling Evolution Health and Fitness at (509) 486-1500 or by contacting Loney on her cell phone at (509) 429-4211.