Laborer and the Universal Roots Band brightens up the night


TONASKET – Okanogan Roots Mountain Family brought Laborer and the Universal Roots Band to town Saturday, Nov. 11, for an evening of dinner and dance at Tonasket’s Community Cultural Center.

A luscious teriyaki dinner was served by Casey O’Berg and the CCC volunteers, with local reggae band The Family Vibe opening the show at 6:30 p.m.

Laborer, AKA, William Hall with back up by the Universal Roots Band drew anyone not yet movin’ and groovin’ on to the dance floor.

The Universal Roots Band features Dwight, a former resident and player for the Mighty Lions, on bass. Hall’s Uncle Jimmy plays rhythm guitar, Binghi makes the keyboards sing, Mikeli plays drums and newest member Orin plays a variety of horns.

“This community was trancing and dancing, feeling the vibe and hearing the message. One Love,” said Gail Hogan in a message of gratitude to the band for coming to the Okanogan from Tacoma.

“As a band, you never attempt to guess what kind of reception you will have,” said Ras Hall. “Tonasket, you people here are wonderful. This is a wonderful community with a wonderful vibe. We will definitely be back.”

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