Alexis to talk traditional medicines at Depot Museum

Further talks planned on Okanagan Indians, canoes

Rose Alexis
Rose Alexis

In conjunction with the current “The Salmon People: Stories Tell the Past” exhibit, Borderlands Historical Society is excited to present an evening with Rose Alexis at the Depot Museum, July 15, beginning at 7 p.m.

Alexis first learned about medicines and plants from her grandmother Ella Alexis.

“Whenever we had a skinned knee, Ella would be quick to apply mashed up Frog’s leaf,” she explains.

Alexis has a diploma in horticulture and a degree in Indigenous Studies and has interned at both the Canadian Museum of Civilization, in Ottowa, Ontario and at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC.

The program will include a discussion of local plants harvested by the Okanogan Indians for food and medicine, which parts of plants were used, how they were preserved and stored. There will be an opportunity for dialog between the audience and Rose.

The special series continues Tuesday, July 22 with Herman Edward speaks on the canoeing trek traditions of the Okanagans. The third and final program of the series occurs Tuesday, July 29 with Arnie Marchand speaking.

The Depot Museum and Visitor Information Center is open 10-4, Monday through Saturday. The special “The Salmon People: Stories Tell the Past” exhibit will be featured through Sept. 13. Special tours can be arranged by contacting the museum at (509) 476-2739.