Tonasket School District

Tonasket schools set community meetings

TONASKET – The Tonasket School District has scheduled a series of meetings in order to give the community a chance to visit with Superintendent Paul Turner regarding the future direction of the school district. The meetings (which include ice cream) will be geared toward gathering information that will be used in strategic planning sessions in [...]

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School librarian arrested for sexual misconduct

TONASKET – A Tonasket School Librarian was arrested May 20 for sexual misconduct with a student 19 years her junior.

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Slideshow | First priority: communications

Drill serves its purpose, exposes issues TONASKET – The inability of first response personnel to communicate after leaving Tonasket and heading up Highway 20 is no secret. Anyone who has tried to use their cell phone while on the road knows this, as do ambulance, police and sheriff’s officers that have had to respond to [...]

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Slideshow | Missoula Children’s Theatre hits Tonasket

Missoula Children’s Theatre presented Beauty Lou and the Country Beast, an original country western adaptation of the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast on Saturday, March 1 at the THS Commons.

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Tonasket School Board calls special meeting

TONASKET – The Tonasket School Board has called a special meeting for Monday, Feb. 17, to review and discuss the failure of the Feb. 11 bond election. While the replacement maintenance and operations levy is passing with a nearly 60 percent vote the vote for the bond, which required 60 percent to pass, had received [...]

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M&O levies passing, but Tonasket construction bond going down

NORTH COUNTY – Three of the four ballot measures involving Tonasket and Oroville School Districts were passing as of the initial Tuesday, Feb. 11, vote count, but one was going down to a decisive defeat. Tonasket’s Proposition 2, a bond to expand and improve the school’s facilities, had 50.7 percent voting in favor (541-526). But [...]

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Levy, bond packages finalized

TONASKET – Final revisions to the Tonasket School District’s bond and levy packages were approved at the Monday, Dec. 16, school board session.

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Pellet gun leads to Tonasket Schools lockdown | updated

Updated 10:05 p.m.
TONASKET – Devin Martinez, Aan 18-year-old Tonasket Hhigh Sschool student, is in custody after being spotted on the Tonasket High School campus with what turned out to be a pellet gun, causing a district-wide lockdown for nearly an hour on Thursday, Oct. 24.

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Okanogan County Assessor Scott Furman

New assessment of Oroville finished

OKANOGAN – The new assessment of property within the Oroville School District is complete and while most won’t notice much of an increase, those with lakefront property will see taxes rise, according to Okanogan County Assessor Scott Furman.

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‘Marshal Middleton’ finally gets to ride the parade

TONASKET – Patti Middleton is no stranger to parades.

But she’s never gotten to ride in one. As the longtime music teacher in the Tonasket School District, she’s marched in countless parades, including many editions of the Founders Day variety, always as part of the Tonasket Marching Band.

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