Election time: last minute roundup

By the time this is printed many of you will have already voted. But for those sitting on the fence I thought I would offer my last words on the subject for this year. Nearly everyone who reads me regularly knows I am for dumping all of the incumbents for a new beginning. One that will hopefully send a message to politicians of all stripes that they cannot just say whatever they need to say to get elected, then do whatever they want when they get in office. The more I watch the last minute ads, the more I am convinced we need to be strong and reject all current office holders. The lies and distortions in those ads should be all the evidence we need of their total lack of integrity.

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Initiatives reflect voter anger over expanding government

Voters this year face a flood of citizen sponsored Initiatives that are intended to limit the power of our out of control state government. And the ads against some of these Initiatives would have you believe that only government can protect you from the rapacious practices of evil businesses like AIG, BP, or convenience stores that will sell liquor to your children. But the reality is it is the dictatorial practices of our state elected officials that have created this flood of citizen sponsored legislation.

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Out of My Mind 15

NorthCounty a big focus of candidate’s debate

Perhaps the ears of North County residents should be burningafter a recent candidates’ debate held in Okanogan. This part of the valleyseemed to be the focus of some tough questions by those asking the questions ofthe would-be commissioner and treasurer.

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Have courage: vote for a new beginning

I am a greedy businessman. At least that is what the politicians and liberal/progressives want you to believe.

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Jamie’s Place, Adult Family Home in Winthrop.Photo by Gary DeVon

Out of My Mind 14

Non-traditional ‘AssistedLiving’ makes more sense for Oroville

Members of the Oroville Housing Authority traveled toWinthrop recently to check out what has been done to bring elder care to theMethow Valley without breaking the bank.

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Washington state income tax – just say no

In November voters will be asked to approve a state income tax. Of course, liberal supporters of Initiative 1098 try never to call it an income tax. The group supporting the initiative call their effort, “Washingtonians for Education, Health and Tax Relief.” And their chief spokesperson, Bill Gates Sr., never mentions “income tax” in his ads, he calls it, “Good for Washington.”

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FTC to newspapers: We’re from the government and we’re here to help.

A reader from Cashmere asked me to review the Federal Trade Commission’s “Discussion Draft” on reinventing journalism. The document begins with a statement that seems innocent enough, “We seek to prompt discussion of whether to recommend policy changes to support the ongoing ‘reinvention’ of journalism, and, if so, which specific proposals appear most useful, feasible, platform-neutral, resistant to bias, and unlikely to cause unintended consequences in addressing emerging gaps in news coverage.” But a thorough reading reveals the real truth, having succeeded in nationalizing the automotive industry and the health industry, Federal bureaucrats are now setting their sights on the newspaper industry. The 47 page document ultimately degenerates to a massive expansion of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and a raft of proposals that will exacerbate the economic problems of the very industry they claim to need to reinvent.

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Mandated compassion is another liberal oxymoron

I was more than a little stunned recently by Nancy Pelosi’s claim that her legislative efforts were just an attempt at living the Gospel. Pelosi is not the first political leader to claim that government mandated social programs are the “Christian” thing to do.

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Too much infighting, not enough action

Two weeks in a row, I was taken to task on these pages. First, by publisher Bill Forhan and then by guest columnist William Slusher. I tell myself I should get used to it; a liberal in eastern Washington is a fish out of water. Then again, I’m also a liberal who weathered the conservative stronghold of Utah. You may as well be a libertarian in Seattle.

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Chamber needs your help

The Oroville Chamber of Commerce isstruggling to find its identity – it has had trouble finding people willing tohold positions as officers and just last week the president, a frustratedRaleigh Chinn, announced his resignation.

Now the business organization findsitself rudderless, without a president and vice president. There’s still a goodgroup of people on the board, but the top spots go unfilled. The organizationjust doesn’t seem to know its purpose and just as many people on the board seemto want to disband as those that want to soldier on.

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