Supermajority vote requirements are a basic part of Washington’s democracy

Is Washington’s state constitution undemocratic? Some opponents of supermajority vote requirements seem to think so. The 2011 budget debate has been framed by voters’ approval of the two-thirds vote requirement for the legislature to raise taxes. The voters approved that taxpayer safeguard in November when they passed Initiative 1053 by a 64 percent margin.

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Out of My Mind 30

Successful May Festival marks start of tourist season

Despite threats of rain, the weather held and we had anothergreat May Festival thanks to the many volunteers who give of their time to makeOroville’s premier event a great kick off to the coming tourist season.

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Publisher contemplates presidential run

Last week Newt Gingrich announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination for President. That prompted an explosion of speculation on the talk show circuit about who else might enter the fray. Names like Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Mitch Daniels, Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann, and of course Donald Trump were the buzz of the week. Who else will challenge Obama?

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Obama did what he said he would do

My regular readers will probably find it difficult to accept my congratulations to President Obama for killing Osama Bin Laden. It was one of the few things Obama promised during his campaign where I agreed with him. During his campaign he said if he knew Osama was in Pakistan, he promised he would go in and get him. So congratulations to the President on this one.

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Could we have an adult conversation about the environment?

Last Friday was “Earth Day.” It was intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment. Unfortunately it has become an opportunity for environmental extremists to demonize most human progress and promote their untested theories of a “green” economy.

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Irreparable human deficit looms in wake of budget-cutting frenzy

A financial debt can be paid back. But the debt we’ll owe our children if investments in health, nutrition and education are slashed is irreparable. Investment in human infrastructure – providing the human capacity development for optimal economic productivity and innovation through both government and business investments – is essential for success in the post-industrial economy, and this should be our policymakers’ guiding economic principle.

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Let’s dance on the third rail

There is nothing so nakedly disingenuous as the current din from the left attempting to frame republican budgetary reform measures as an effort to defeat women’s and children’s healthcare.

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Out of My Mind 29

Area losing lastlocal ‘daily’ paper

You probably didn’t read about it in the Wenatchee World,which I find strange, but that publication will no longer be delivered to theresidents of the north county — at least not by paperboys and papergirls. Toget the newspaper subscribers will have to get their daily through the postoffice and then the news will be more like yester-daily. Not a good sign forour one remaining daily newspaper with at least some coverage of the county.

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When are we going to learn?

When President George Bush decided to go into Iraq following 9/11 liberals screamed it was just another war for oil. And now that Obama has decided to spend more of our national treasure in Libya you don’t here a word from them about the obvious oil implications.

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Out of My Mind 28

Shouldn’t have let warrants grow so far out of control

Thisnewspaper has been one of the most vocal supporters of our hospital district,pushing hard editorially for the approval of the bond to expand andrehabilitate the hospital. The new addition and the painting and work beingdone to tie the new and old parts of the building together as one freshfacility are positive steps. And the depreciation the district will get fromMedicaid and Medicare for the new facility will go a long way toward helping toretire the remaining $2.4 million (down from over $3 million in 2010) ininterest-bearing warrants owed to the county.

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