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A character in an award nominated, war based novel Iwrote says to his comrades: “Damn. Death takes all the fun out of war.”

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History rules, hyperbole drools

In 2008, a local Democratic Party official wrote to local papers describing the savings and loan collapse as a “Republican monster.”

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One man’s Death Panel is another’s Cost Efficiency Panel

Much ridicule has been hurled at Sarah Palin and others who predicted that Obamacare would bring “death panels” which would decide to withhold medical care from the old in favor of supposedly more worthy younger recipients. The liberal hue and cry was apoplectic about Palin and others who were proclaimed to be “fear mongering” by inventing such absurd notions as death panels that would throw grandma under the bus in a government healthcare takeover.

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No time to worry about who has ‘cooler political gang’

Astute readers of this page or my books know that I have too many incompatible views on religion, gays and many other subjects to be accurately labeled a conservative. Thus I do not write here in defense of conservatism, which has flaws that Chelan Mirror Editor Les Bowen has recently enumerated to varying degrees of legitimacy.

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