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The inside of the Wauconda Café a regular meeting place to eat and exchange news for the locals and a welcome stop for travelers along Highway 20. The new owner of Wauconda’s only commercial district will collect lease money from the restaurant, the po

Want to buy a town? One for sale on e-bay

WAUCONDA – A search for “town for sale” on e-bay will find it. The town of Wauconda is now officially for sale.

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Letters to the Editor Week 40

Regulationssubjugated in the name of political correctness

Dear Editor,

            Alright,alright, I tried to retire from socio-political writing, but dang it, “just whenI think I’m out, they drag me back in!” (Michael Corleone, Godfather Pt. III).I herewith unretire.

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Emergency management plans discussed at city council meeting

TONASKET – Emergency safety was the main concern at the Tonasket City Council meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 23 at city hall.

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Financial disaster direct result of Democrat oversight

Whether we are about to experience a complete collapse of our financial system is not completely clear. The stock market has been up and down like a roller coaster since the politicians forecast a complete “meltdown” if their bailout wasn’t approved.

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‘Convenience with a healthy attitude’

AENEAS VALLEY – “Convenience with a healthy attitude” is the new motto for the Aeneas Valley store which reopened on Sept. 10.

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New management at Tonasket Natural Foods Co-Op

TONASKET-The Tonasket Natural Foods Co-op has changed management recently.

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<p align="right"><em>USFS photo </em></p><p>Dan Gleason (left) and Mark Morris, Ranger for the Tonasket Ranger District. Gleason recently received the Medal of Valor for helping to save the life of a climber at Yosemite.</p>

Tonasket Ranger District firefighter awarded Medal of Valor

TONASKET-Six years after working with a group to save the life of a climber from a rock fall, firefighter Dan Gleason has been awarded the Medal of Valor.

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New Tonasket School District teachers feel welcomed

TONASKET- Along with new students to the Tonasket School District, five new teachers have started the school year this month.

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Fall sports the focus of Tonasket School Board meeting

TONASKET – Fall sports were the main focus of the Tonasket School Board meeting on Monday, Sept. 22 in the Tonasket School District boardroom.

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Photo by Terry Mills	Hornet Nicky Perez scores a first down with 4:20 left in the first half against Tonasket on Oroville's home field.

Tonasket Tigers shut out Oroville Hornets for Victory Bell

OROVILLE-The field was striped, the bleachers were full, the lights were on and on Friday, Sept. 12, so were the Tonasket Tigers.

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