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Tonasket Chamber officer nominations done

TONASKET – Officer nominations were made at the regular Tonasket Chamber of Commerce meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 26.

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Tonasket Council still thinking about ad valorem taxes for 2011

TONASKET – The Tonasket City Council continued their discussion of an ad valorem tax in 2011 to their Tuesday, Nov. 9 meeting during their meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 26.

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2011 NVHD budget will be presented at Nov. 4 meeting

TONASKET – The 2011 budget for the North Valley Hospital District will be presented at the next hospital board meeting on Thursday, Nov. 4 at 7 p.m. in the boardroom.

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Tonasket senior linebacker Dustin Silverthorn (33) wraps up an Okanogan Bulldog with the help of sophomore linebacker Dalton Wahl (66) as senior linebacker Keegan McCormick (6) heads in to help. Also on the way to help with the tackle are senior defensive

Senior night loss to Bulldogs for Tigers

TONASKET – The 14 seniors on the Tonasket Tigers football team had a rough final home game on Friday, Oct. 29 when they lost to the Okanogan Bulldogs 42-7.

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Four Tonasket cross country runners (left to right): Jake Hickman, Jessica Spear, Kyndra Dellinger and Damon Halvorsen qualified for the State Cross Country meet with their races at the District 6/7 Championships. Submitted by Elaina Halvorsen

Four Tigers headed to state cross country

WENATCHEE – With strong races at the District 6/7 Championship on Thursday, Oct. 28, four Tonasket Tigers qualified for the State Cross Country meet to be held at the Sun Willow Golf Course in Pasco on Saturday, Nov. 6.

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All Tigers qualified for districts meet

OMAK – Ten Tonasket cross country runners qualified for the District 6/7 Championship in Wenatchee with their performances at the Caribou Trail League Championships, held in Omak on Thursday, Oct. 21.

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Tigers keep victory over Chelan

LEAVENWORTH – With the disagreement over Tonasket’s home victory over Chelan settled, the Lady Tigers now officially have two league wins and are keeping their hopes alive for post-season play.

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The 2010 Tonasket Rodeo Queen Taylor Ayers (left) crowned the 2011 Tonasket Rodeo Queen Jerian Ashley (right) at the coronation ceremony held at the Tonasket Eagles on Saturday, Oct. 23. Photo by Emily Hanson

Jerian Ashley crowned 2011 Tonasket Rodeo Queen

TONASKET – Jerian Ashley was crowned the 2011 Tonasket Rodeo Queen at the coronation ceremony held on Saturday, Oct. 23 in the Tonasket Eagles.

Ashley, a senior at Tonasket High School, was chosen over fellow THS senior Cortney Ingle and was crowned by outgoing Queen Taylor Ayers, another THS senior.

“It’s amazing, I’m speechless and very, very happy,” Ashley said after being crowned. “I hope everything goes smoothly while I’m queen.”

This was Ashley’s second year trying to be the Tonasket Rodeo Queen and her fifth time trying for a royalty title. Two years ago, she competed to be Okanogan County Fair Queen and Okanogan County Junior Rodeo Queen, a crown she sought three years ago as well.

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Disneyland field trip request conditionally approved

TONASKET – During the regular Tonasket School Board meeting on Monday, Oct. 25 the official field trip request for the Tonasket marching band to go to Disneyland in March was approved.

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Election time: last minute roundup

By the time this is printed many of you will have already voted. But for those sitting on the fence I thought I would offer my last words on the subject for this year. Nearly everyone who reads me regularly knows I am for dumping all of the incumbents for a new beginning. One that will hopefully send a message to politicians of all stripes that they cannot just say whatever they need to say to get elected, then do whatever they want when they get in office. The more I watch the last minute ads, the more I am convinced we need to be strong and reject all current office holders. The lies and distortions in those ads should be all the evidence we need of their total lack of integrity.

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