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Highly Capable Program starting at Oroville Schools

The Oroville School District is going to start a highly capable program for students who are gifted and talented.
The district is in the process of seeking out nominations for students who are in the top 2-3 percent intellectually who would like to be included in the program

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Two Oroville School District issues on February Ballot

OROVILLE – The Oroville School Board of directors, as well as other schools in the state and region, is once again requesting voters to vote on a replacement Maintenance and Operations Levy at the Feb. 11 election.

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Why a new roof is sought for Oroville Elementary School

OROVILLE – Back in May of 2011, a facility review committee made up of community members and staff formed at the district to look at facility improvements that needed to be looked at in both the short and long term.

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Before and after pictures of the Oroville Elementary School looking from the south end. The school received all new paint on it’s exterior.

Oroville School District buildings improved over the summer

OROVILLE – Custodians and maintenance personnel worked extremely hard this summer to paint and repair our schools.

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Oroville school doesn’t belong on ‘persistently low-achieving’ list

I would like to clarify the information that was published in last week’s Gazette-Tribune about the Oroville schools as well as point out that we had a very productive board meeting last week that was not reported on, except for one item. I was more than a little disappointed that only one item from our meeting was given any attention. We actually honored our board members, as Tonasket did, and had some excellent reports given, yet our headline was very negative. For complete and accurate board meeting agendas and minutes please visit our district’s website at www.oroville.wednet.edu.

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