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Oroville Elementary Principal Gary Pringle gets a bucket of water dumped over his head as a reward to the students who read 7,621 books in the Principal’s Challenge. Submitted photo

Splish splash… wave of reading overtakes Oroville Elementary

OROVILLE – February has been a reading frenzy month for the last ten years at Oroville Elementary School as it is the month of the Principal’s Reading Challenge.

For the challenge, a goal is set for a specific number of books with a built-in rewards schedule. Each year, our students amaze us with their accomplishments. This year, students broke all previous records, reading a grand total of 7,621 books over 28 days (and only 18 of those were school days). Gary Pringle, the elementary principal, agreed to get soaked if students managed to read just 5,000 books. Students loved the idea and definitely rose to the challenge.

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Superintendent Ernie Bartelson, Elementary Principal Joe Worsham and teacher John Ragsdale reward students with a selection of railroad songs.

Meeting the reading ch-ch-challenge

OROVILLE – Each February the students at Oroville Elementary are challenged by their principal to shake off the winter blahs and revitalize their involvement in reading.

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Please don’t eat the books – just the cars

OROVILLE – On Monday evening, May 14, families of Oroville Elementary students gathered in the school cafeteria to learn a little bit about reading informational text and reading to follow directions.

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