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Julie Vanderwal (Ashmore) is the Conservation Coordinator for the Okanogan Highlands Alliance www.okanoganhighlands.org

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OHA presents: Living with Wildlife in the Okanogan with Jeff Heinlen

TONASKET – Living out in nature can be beautiful and serene, but it can also bring some surprises and challenges when people’s daily lives interface with wildlife. There are specific things you can do to help make your life work well with wildlife around, even before any encounters occur.

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Climate Change film, ‘One Stick at a Time’ to be screened at CCC

TONASKET – For the last year, Kent Woodruff, a retired US Forest Service biologist from Winthrop, has been engaging people across the west in discussions about what we can do to soften the impacts of climate change.

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OHA presents: Those marvelous, myriad lichens with Jack Massie

TONASKET – Lichens appear as an entire organism but are actually composed of two or more very different partners — they truly are peculiar, efficient, and wondrous. An indoor slideshow presentation on Friday, April 7…

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OHA presents: ‘Ecosystems of the Okanogan,’ a Highland Wonders event

TONASKET – On Friday, March 3, Andy Stepniewski brings an all-new topic to the Highland Wonders series, with “Ecosystems of the Okanogan.”

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A Year in the Lives of North American Owls with Paul Bannick

TONASKET – On Friday, Jan. 6, award-winning photographer Paul Bannick returns to Highland Wonders with a presentation based on his new book, Owl: A Year in the Lives of North American Owls.

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OHA presents: Inland Mollusks of the Okanogan Highlands with Tom Burke

TONASKET – The Highland Wonders educational series is moving indoors again with a new line-up of presentations featuring the natural history of the Okanogan Highlands and surrounding areas. On Friday, Nov. 4, Tom Burke brings to the Highland Wonders series his 45 years of experience as a wildlife biologist in Washington State, with a unique presentation on mollusks.

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Working to kick start nature with wetland restoration

On the western toe of Buckhorn Mountain, in a place called Triple Creek, a rich wetland once thrived.

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Phantom of the North: The Elusive Great Gray Owl

TONASKET – Not only are Great Gray Owls the largest owl in North America with the largest wingspan, their stature and countenance spark a sense of wonder. With alternate names such as “Great Grey Ghost,” and “Phantom of the North,” they inspire awe and pique our curiosity.

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Last year George Thornton led a native plant hike at Lost Lake as part of the Okanogan Highlands Associations Summertime Highland Wonders educational series. This year Thornton will take a group into the secluded cedar groves northeast of Buckhorn Mountai

Cedar Ecology Hike in the Okanogan Highlands on July 7

CHESAW – On Saturday, July 7, local botanist, George Thornton, will take a group into the secluded cedar groves northeast of Buckhorn Mountain, where an extraordinary ecosystem thrives because of the shade, stable soils, organic matter and habitat provided by the Western Red Cedar.

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Community members from both sides of the border gathered for a group photo commemorating the 2012 "Join Me on the Bridge" event held at the Oroville/Osoyoos Port of Entry last Thursday afternoon. Photos by Gary DeVon

Join Me on The Bridge

US PORT OF ENTRY – On March 8, International Women’s Day, a group of enthusiastic and hardy community members gathered at the US/Canada border to honor women survivors of war and to stand for peace.

Live music, magical belly-dancing, poetry and a poignant speech created a memorable event for everyone there. Kezia Wills, a local community member and mother, spoke to the cause for the occasion.

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