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Gary DeVon is the managing editor of the Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune and celebrated his 25th year at the newspaper in August 2012. He graduated from Gonzaga University with a degree in Communications - Print Journalism, with an emphasis in photojournalism. He is a proud alumnus of Oroville High School. His family first settled in Okanogan County in the late 1800s. His parents are Judy DeVon and the late Larry DeVon and he has two younger brothers - Dante and Michael. Many family members still call Oroville home. He has a grown daughter, Segornae Douglas and a young granddaughter, Erin.

Stories by Gary DeVon

Rep. Joel Kretz introduces wolf relocation legislation

OLYMPIA – After Western Washington legislators extolled the value of wolf packs in Eastern Washington, Rep. Joel Kretz (7th District) decided he would assist in the efforts to make relocating wolf packs to Western Washington easier through legislation this year. House Bill 1258 would remove barriers, both natural and regulatory, to the relocation of wolves [...]

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Don’t be shy, we really do want to know what you’re thinking

Our readers aren’t usually shy about letting us know how they feel. It’s not unusual for people to approach G-T staff members as they go about their daily lives. And although sometimes we have to beg off to get to a story or work on a deadline, we’re usually happy to hear what our readers think – even if it’s criticism. Sometimes it’s just a chance to vent and as the messenger we occasionally get caught in the crossfire.

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Loss of Assisted Living a bad deal for everyone

I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more comments on this page in the coming weeks, but the closing of the NVH Assisted Living facility in Tonasket is going to be hard on all of us.

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Time to ask questions

Dear Editor:
Re: Closure of the North Valley Assisted Living Facility, We, the citizens of North Valley Hospital District #4, have just had the wool pulled over our eyes!

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Don’t close Assisted Living

Hospital District Board decides; Assisted Living Residents to get eviction notice?  Really? That is the latest news that the Community is hearing as of the last Hospital Board meeting. Well, I wasn’t going to get “involved,” but I can’t not be involved when this type of eviction action is threatened and it is our local [...]

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He will be missed

Dear Editor,

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this letter. I had double walking pneumonia the week that Dennis Lorz passed away, consequently was out of the loop and missed the funeral. For that I apologize, to the family and the community. I felt compelled to make an effort to express my feelings because of that absence.

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John Smith chosen to replace Morton on Senate

OLYMPIA – John Smith, a Colville area farmer was appointed to take the place of retired state Senator Bob Morton for the Seventh Legislative District.

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Looking back at 2012, the year that was

With the start of each year we like to take a moment to look back at some of the news stories that made the front page of the Gazette-Tribune. While not every story is earth-shattering there were some that stick in our minds and some that we say oh ya, that happened back then

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It’s Dec. 27 and the world has not ended

Well, we really don’t know that for sure, we can only assume if you’re reading this as I write it on Friday, Dec. 21, that the Mayans were wrong. It we didn’t have an early deadline for this week’s issue because of the Christmas holiday then we’d know for sure. For those that didn’t know [...]

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Oroville passes $8 million 2013 budget

OROVILLE – The Oroville City Council approved a 2013 Budget of $8 million, $1.5 million more than last year due to additional projects.

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