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Gary DeVon is the managing editor of the Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune and celebrated his 25th year at the newspaper in August 2012. He graduated from Gonzaga University with a degree in Communications - Print Journalism, with an emphasis in photojournalism. He is a proud alumnus of Oroville High School. His family first settled in Okanogan County in the late 1800s. His parents are Judy DeVon and the late Larry DeVon and he has two younger brothers - Dante and Michael. Many family members still call Oroville home. He has a grown daughter, Segornae Douglas and a young granddaughter, Erin.

Stories by Gary DeVon

<p class=MsoNormal align=right style='text-align:right'><span style='font-family:"Swiss 721"'>Photo by Gary A. DeVon</span></p><p class=MsoBodyText><span style='font-size:11.0pt;'>ConnorThompson was awarded the Glover Cup at the commencement ceremony for

Oroville graduates OHS Class of 2011

OROVILLE – Commencement ceremonies for the Oroville High School Class of 2011 were held at the Coulton Auditorium last Saturday, June 4 at 2 p.m.

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Circus coming to Oroville June 15

OROVILLE – The Oroville Chamber of Commerce is bringing the Culpepper and Merriweather Circus back to town next Wednesday, June 15.

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Oroville Boys’ Golf finishes second at Districts

CHELAN – The Oroville High School Boy’s Golf team finished second at the Central B District Golf Tournament held in Chelan on Tuesday, May 17.

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Oroville Hornet Emily Mills competes at the 2B District Championships held at Eastmont High School in East Wenatchee on Saturday, May 21. Mills and her fellow Hornets on the girls’ team took the District Championship. She was first in the 100, 200 and 4

Oroville girls win back-to-back District Track &amp; Field Championships

EAST WENATCHEE – The Oroville Hornets traveled to the District 6 Track and Field meet at Eastmont on Saturday, May 21 and the girls team brought home the District Championship.

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Out of My Mind 32

Memorial Day more than a holiday

Each year members of our local American Legions, familiesand friends gather at area cemeteries to share in remembering those who gavetheir lives in service to their country.

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Letters to the Editor, June 2

Allpart of the ‘attitude’

While driving home from Spokane the other day I heard agovernment official testify before some U.S. Congressional Committee on the useof water boarding, and how some techniques of water boarding were used onsubjects to assist them into cooperating with the authorities.

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<h3 align=right style='text-align:right'><span style='font-size:10.0pt;'>Photo by Gary DeVon</span></h3><p class=MsoBodyText>Water levels in Lake Osoyoos climbed as high as 913.50feet above sea level last week, but dropped slightly after a weekend of cool

Water levels rising at Lake Osoyoos

YAKIMA – The state Department of Ecology continues to report that greater than normal snowpack and spring rains are contributing to high runoff levels in the Okanogan and Similkameen drainages, increasing water levels in area lakes.

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The muddy waters of the Similkameen River at the Nighthawk Bridge flowing toward Oroville. Photo by Gary DeVon

Out of My Mind 31

Extended potential for flood has us on river watch

With the potential for floodingforecast to last about two weeks longer than normal by the Okanogan CountyDepartment of Emergency Management, I know many of us will be on river watchfor the next several weeks.

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Letters to the Editor, May 26

The rats can run

Thanksto Bin Laden and his cohorts we now have immigration personnel who seem to beafflicted with paranoia as they suspect everyone may be a terrorist. Secretpolice who monitor our phones and computers and our dealings we have with thebanks. Police who conspire with businesses that offer grand prizes and when yougo to collect you are scrutinized and interrogated. Airport police, busmonitors, the list goes on and on.

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