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Gary DeVon is the managing editor of the Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune and celebrated his 25th year at the newspaper in August 2012. He graduated from Gonzaga University with a degree in Communications - Print Journalism, with an emphasis in photojournalism. He is a proud alumnus of Oroville High School. His family first settled in Okanogan County in the late 1800s. His parents are Judy DeVon and the late Larry DeVon and he has two younger brothers - Dante and Michael. Many family members still call Oroville home. He has a grown daughter, Segornae Douglas and a young granddaughter, Erin.

Stories by Gary DeVon

Letters to the Editor, May 26

The rats can run

Thanksto Bin Laden and his cohorts we now have immigration personnel who seem to beafflicted with paranoia as they suspect everyone may be a terrorist. Secretpolice who monitor our phones and computers and our dealings we have with thebanks. Police who conspire with businesses that offer grand prizes and when yougo to collect you are scrutinized and interrogated. Airport police, busmonitors, the list goes on and on.

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Oroville teachers Kelsey Cleveland and George Thornton

Oroville school among nine state projects to win $10,000 tech grants

OLYMPIA – The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) announced that Oroville High School is one of nine winners of this year’s $10,0000 Qwest Teachers & Technology Grants.

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Oroville School Board approves classified staff

OROVILLE – Oroville School Directors approved several certified staff for the 2011/2012 school year at their Monday, May 23 board meeting.

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More discussion of potential flooding by Oroville City Council

OROVILLE – The head of public works and the police chief gave a quick report to the Oroville City Council about a meeting they attended the day before with representatives of the county’s emergency management department and National Weather Service regarding potential flooding in Okanogan County.

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Memorial Day ceremonies in Tonasket and Oroville this Monday

NORTH COUNTY – Memorial Day Ceremonies are planned by the Tonasket and Oroville American Legion Posts this coming Monday morning.

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Out of My Mind 30

Successful May Festival marks start of tourist season

Despite threats of rain, the weather held and we had anothergreat May Festival thanks to the many volunteers who give of their time to makeOroville’s premier event a great kick off to the coming tourist season.

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Letters to the Editor, May 19

Where is the Outrage?

Many legislators in Congress still do not getit! The largest contributing factor in the outrageous cost of prescriptiondrugs is advertising and promotion, estimated to be about 37% of the price wepay for those drugs. More money is spent on lobbying, advertising and promotionby the pharmaceutical industry than is spent on research and development.

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Property values drop 10 percent in Oroville area

OROVILLE – The recent reassessment of the Oroville area showed a 10 percent overall drop in property values, according to Okanogan County Auditor Scott Furman.

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National Weather services warns of potential flooding

NC WASH. – The National Weather Service has put out near daily warnings of the potential for flooding of small streams and main stem rivers in North Central Washington.

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New changes at Internet provider GDICOM

OROVILLE – GDICOM, the internet provider owned by Gold Digger Apples, has undergone some changes with new personnel and pricing for their services.

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