When are we going to learn?

When President George Bush decided to go into Iraq following 9/11 liberals screamed it was just another war for oil. And now that Obama has decided to spend more of our national treasure in Libya you don’t here a word from them about the obvious oil implications.

According to Obama and his liberal lap dogs it is about saving lives. It doesn’t seem to matter to them that the lives they may be “saving” are more radical than the dictator they want to depose. Apparently, no one really knows who the “rebels” are or what they stand for. It is enough for them to know that they are “oppressed” and are promising to replace their dictator with a democracy – really?

The entire Middle East is awash in unrest. None of the Muslim countries there seem exempt. King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia continues to try to buy peace in his country by paying off the protestors. The current promise is said to be $133 billion.

It is, all about the oil.

Of course, liberals want you to believe we are just ripping off the poor people of the Middle East in order to sustain our voracious appetite for their natural resources. Someone is ripping off the poor people, but it’s not us. It is dictators like Kadafi.

We are paying the economic price being demanded by the OPEC cartel, but it’s not just the outflow of money that damages our economy. We are being forced to support the reign of these abusive dictators every time there is unrest. To do otherwise threatens to disrupt our economy. So whenever one of these dictators is threatened we are forced to use our military in order to make sure the oil keeps flowing.

I doesn’t matter which party is in office, our current policy with regards to oil exploration and development is killing our children and destroying our economy.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We have more oil in this country than Saudi Arabia. What we lack is the will to develop it.

What we have is an environmental lobby that values their misguided perception of environmental purity over the lives of our soldiers and the quality of life of their neighbors.

Gasoline is already at $4 per gallon over most of the country on its way to unknown heights. Every increase in the price of gas will further erode our already fragile economy. Inflation for food will necessarily skyrocket as the costs for shipping increase and people begin to demand increased wages in order to keep up.

It is an economic death spiral that our enemies in the Middle East will celebrate. Without firing a shot or sending more suicide bombers they will have brought the “Great Satan” to its knees.

It is time we made development of our own oil reserves a national priority. It is time we cleared the way by cutting through the red tape, abusive environmental lawsuits and other self imposed roadblocks to energy independence.

I would much rather pay $5 per gallon for developing oil in our own back yard than for importing it from these thugs in the Middle East. At least we would be creating American jobs and spending the money at home.

If Obama had half as much intelligence as his supporters claim, he would immediately hire Sarah Palin for the Secretary of Energy and charge her with getting American oil resources flowing. Don’t expect that anytime soon as he would rather borrow money from the Chinese to send to Brazil so they can develop their oil.

And one last thing, all those electric cars that are supposed to save us from burning that evil fossil fuel need Lithium. Guess where that comes from – Afghanistan. Do we really need to give them another way to hold our economy hostage?