Tonasket lends official support to Water Ranch

TONASKET – Though Tonasket’s City Council members and mayor have voiced their support on numerous occasions for the Tonasket Water Ranch project, the council officially announced their support of the project at the Tuesday, May 14, city council meeting.

The council passed a resolution declaring not only its backing, but the parameters of the city’s involvement. Spearheaded by Linda Black under the auspices of the Tonasket Visitor and Business Resource Center, the TVBRC is responsible for the design, engineering, materials and construction of the project. The city has agreed to process the environmental review, among other details, and once completed the ownership, operation and maintenance will be assumed by the city.

Ordinances discussed

Two ordinances were discussed and tabled pending further adjustments to meet concerns raised by council members.

An ordinance that will restrict the number of yard sales within city limits will likely be voted upon at the next city council meeting after the council agreed to limit its effects to residential areas. It was determined that differentiating between a yard sale, as defined in the ordinance, and normal business activity on business properties was not desirable, nor the original intent of trying to restrict the proliferation of yard sales which have caused traffic congestion in residential areas.

The will also likely vote on an ordinance to convert Tonasket Avenue between Division and Third Street at the next meeting. The ordinance as written was tabled due to concerns over a provision that would have created a no parking zone on Second Street. That and other parking issues will likely be dealt with later through separate ordinances.

Requests approved

The council also considered a number of requests:

  • a request by Patti Middleton on behalf of the Tonasket Beautification Committee to place flags on the city light poles was approved. The Tonasket Chamber of Commerce will be responsible for their placement and the council affirmed that all efforts needed to be made to ensure proper flag etiquette is observed;
  • a request by Melody Williams to use City Park to teach an exercise class on a regular basis was approved;
  • and the final plat for the Pleasant Glad Planned Development – Bob and Jane Thompson’s “intentional green community” being constructed on Havillah Road – was approved.

Also, council member Lee Hale announced that he has sold his house and will be moving from the area soon and would not be able to complete his term as council member. His seat is one of four that is up for election this fall.

The Tonasket City Council next meets Tuesday, May 28, at 7:00 p.m. in the council chambers in the Tonasket City Hall.