Newhouse listening event cancelled

Citing complications in his wife’s cancer treatment, U.S. Congressman Dan Newhouse is unable to host the listing session he had planned for Okanogan County on April 20.

“As many of you know, several years ago my wife Carol was diagnosed with cancer. Through her amazing strength and determination and with the help of talented medical professionals, she has done remarkably well. Just over a year ago, we learned that the medication she was on was no longer effective. Several different treatments have been tried, but chemotherapy has been her treatment since February. There have been recent complications, but we remain hopeful as Carol receives care to regain her strength,” said Newhouse.

“I need to be with my family as we face this challenge together. As I spend time caring for my wife, I appreciate patience and understanding while I stay by her side. I take my responsibility as your representative very seriously. My staff remains available to assist with any federal or casework issue you may have. I will continue to work on behalf of the people of Central Washington. I am thankful for all prayers on behalf of Carol and our family during this difficult time.”

Newhouse said it was a hard decision for him to make because he had planned to hear in person from constituents in Okanogan, as he has in Grant County and the Lower Valley listening sessions last week, “but due to this family emergency, my staff will be available tomorrow in Brewster to meet with constituents. I will host an additional listening session in Okanogan to be scheduled in the future.”