Mini-grant funds available

OKANOGAN – The Greater Okanogan Community Network is accepting applications for youth grants in amounts up to $1,000 for projects that are run or designed by young people or in which youth have a leadership role.

Interested persons can request an application through Rochelle Riling at (509) 422-1223 or Glenda Freel at (509) 826-3221. Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis and are due on the first business day of each month. The application packet is specially designed for young people to fill out with the help of an adult advisor.

A variety of projects qualify for funding and requirements are clearly spelled out in the grant application packet. Previous grantees have created family oriented recreation activities and educational events. Grants have been used to support drama, dance and musical presentation and have been used for leadership training opportunities and for anti-violence campaigns.

The underlying goal of the network grants is to increase opportunities for adults and young people to interact and to help prevent problems such as teen pregnancy, youth substance abuse and dropping out of school.

The network’s funding area includes all of Okanogan County and the Bridgeport and Grand Coulee areas.