Get public transportation needs survey at City Hall

TONASKET – Surveys to help the Public Transportation Improvement Conference determine what public transportation needs Okanogan County has are available in Tonasket City Hall in both English and Spanish.

Tom Hanson of the Washington State Department of Transportation presented the surveys to the city council during their meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 24. He said the conference is gathering information right now about the transportation needs of Okanogan County residents. He stated that they expect to have a report ready by the end of May that will lay out what transportation system would fit the county best.

The council also heard from Loreen Felstet, who recently became registered by the state as a collector of e-waste, such as computer monitors, towers and lap tops. Felstet said she will also take keyboards, mouse devices, ink, toner, cell phones and iPods during a drive on April 18 outside of the Community Cultural Center.

Jean Ramsey, council member, mentioned that during the Chamber of Commerce meeting, Peter James said all personal information needs to be removed from electronic devices before they are donated because the collection centers Felstet will send these items to will reuse these items, but will not remove personal information.

Later on in the meeting, the council approved a request from Michael Pilarski to use Triangle Park on April 25 for an Okanogan County Seed and Plant Exchange, sponsored by the CCC.

“In 2008, you agreed to the site being used for my Friends of the Trees Society’s Tree Sale with CCC sponsorship,” Pilarski wrote in his request. “This year we wish to broaden the event to allow any county resident to bring plants to share. I expect that Tonasket and local area residents will be the ones who would benefit most from this event. More food and more beauty in Tonasket is a good thing.”

During this plant and seed exchange, people are invited to bring seeds, plants, potted vegetable starts, herb divisions, fruit trees, berry bushes, nursery stock, tubers, scion wood and gardening tools.

Finally, the council approved Resolution 2009-03, a resolution authorizing investment of City of Tonasket monies in the local government investment pool.

“Normally, what the city does is invest funds locally,” Alice Attwood, city clerk, said. “Right now, interest rates are really, really bad. The state has an investment pool and this would give me the opportunity to invest the money with the state.”

The next city council meeting will be on Tuesday, March 10 at 7 p.m.