Ecology to conduct survey work on channel above Zosel Dam



OROVILLE – Survey crews are taking measurements this week to better understand and profile changes that occur over time in the channel of the Okanogan River above Zosel Dam in Oroville.

While the gradient between the lake and the dam is quite low, rain events and snow melt over time can cause sedimentation in the channel that could impede the dam’s ability to pass high water. The dam operator has a commitment to understanding these issues and provide information to allow for better management of the dam’s facilities throughout the year.

Washington Department of Ecology environmental assessment crews will conduct the work along the shoreline and from boat-mounted survey equipment. Teams may be seen around the area over the next two weeks beginning Oct. 18, 2016. Their work is meant to keep the Zosel dam project safe and functioning for years to come.

For more information on the operation of Zosel Dam or Lake Osoyoos, contact Al Josephy at Ecology at 360-407-6456. More information on the International Osoyoos Lake Board of Control and the new Order of Approval can be found at

To track the progress of lake levels in “real-time,” as well as find additional information, go to the U.S. Geological Survey web page for Osoyoos Lake.