Snow removal reminder

OROVILLE – The City of Oroville would like to remind all property owner/renters with sidewalks abutting their property in the city limits that they need to clear them of snow and ice.

According to Ordinance #570, all property owners with sidewalks abutting their property are responsible for keeping the sidewalks free of snow and ice. During the recent snowstorms it was noted that many businesses/property owners neglected to remove snow and ice accumulation and this caused extremely hazardous conditions for pedestrians and creates liabilities.

To those businesses and residences that have shoveled their sidewalks and applied ice melt type products the city appreciates your efforts. Businesses and property owners also need to be more prompt at snow removal and not just for in front of their business, but on all sidewalks abutting their business and/or residences.

The city appreciates your cooperation.