Random act of kindness for good cause

Dear Editor,

People really aren’t afraid to show they care.

Saturday, March 15 was a very busy day and evening in Tonasket for “organized” random acts of kindness with several benefits going on at the same time; a benefit dinner at THS; the crab feed at the Eagles, Habitat for Humanity and the one I would like to highlight was the very large turnout for the Food Bank and Tonasket Saloon benefit for repairs to the HVAC system that was recently vandalized.

There was incredible local entertainment (didn’t know everyone’s name) and live music performed by the local band North Half that was provided at no charge and a meal was prepared by the Saloon for everyone who attended whether they gave a donation or not. It was truly amazing – the very people who needed the help were once again helping others – no questions asked. That is the heart of the owners of the Tonasket Saloon – Debby and Carly are givers. Due to the generosity of Debby and Carly, the Food Bank is housed in the same building at no charge and if anyone is in town on Thanksgiving or Christmas and sees the crowd filing into the Tonasket Saloon, it is because Debby and Carly are hosting a FREE dinner for anyone that comes in. Their way of continuing to say thank you to a community that believed in them when they opened their doors several years ago – a dream realized.

I was amazed at not only the amount of people who came in an gave a donation, but also to all who then stayed and had such a great time just being together; bidding on a few donated item that were auctioned off and crowding onto the dance floor to rock out with North Half. There were many local business owners, teachers, doctors, professionals and the neighbors of just about everyone in our community at some point on Saturday evening; the response in Debby and Carly’s time of need was fabulous. It was also great to watch as one benefit in town got over — their party ended up at the Tonasket Saloon and Food Bank benefit too and the giving just kept on getting better. And to top things off, the Lutheran Church offered a matching grant for the repairs. Amazing, simply amazing.

I just had to say thank you to everyone in town and out, who came and gave a little or gave a lot — it couldn’t be for a better cause. And with warm weather soon upon us, I am sure we will all appreciate the cool ice tea and the cool breeze of an air conditioner that works while we are having our lunch!

Oh! And if for some reason you weren’t able to attend, the Food Bank is still taking donations for the repairs. They almost reached the goal in one evening!

Thank you Tonasket – I am glad to live here.

Connie Maden