Oroville would like to establish sister school in the Dominican Republic

OROVILLE – Superintendent Steve Quick reported to the school board about his trip to the Dominican Republic and meeting with the foundation that has provided exchanges between Oroville and a high school there the last two years

At the board’s Monday, Dec. 20 meeting, Quick said a meeting was held in the Dominican Republic to draw up plans to establish a sister school in the Dominican Republic, however the foundation did not completely commit to the idea. Oroville students returned from their trip there on the previous Sunday. The foundation is still supportive in providing money for the Dominican students to travel to the U.S., Quick said. The Dominican students are expected sometime this spring.

Connor Thompson, the student representative to the school board gave his report. He said that on Thursday, Dec. 16 the Associated Student Body (ASB) had provided a movie in the afternoon for all students with a C or better in all their classes. A study hall was also provided for students who needed extra help in their classes.

Kristin Sarmiento, Curriculum Coordinator gave an update. She said the district was in the process of adopting a science curriculum that takes into account recommendations of state Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn.

“We are waiting for a sample from Kendel-Hunt before the committee makes their final decision,” Sarmiento said, adding that the biggest challenge the district faces is aligning the elementary science with the junior high and then high school science curriculums.

“We want the curriculum to blend well from grade level to grade level. Hopefully we will have a decision in January,” she said.

The Elementary is using the LASER Science Curriculum now, but the teachers would like to incorporate more journaling and writing, according to Sarmiento. K-6 is using the science kits from the Educational Services District, which are one of the recommendations from OSPI. The district plans to adopt a

science curriculum for grades six to 12.

Sarmiento said the English committee will begin meeting in the spring to discuss curriculum updates.

The high school English books are more recent, however the elementary books are outdated, she said. The English adoption will probably take longer because it will involve more staff as the district hopes to adopt a K-12 English curriculum.

School Board Member Jerry Nelson made a motion to approve a consent agenda for items A through D. Among the items approved were the resignation of Len Firpo as a paraprofessional as of Dec. 17, hiring Jennifer Finsen as a part time swing shift custodian and an interagency agreement for Study and Survey Services between the district and Construction Services Group for the 2010-2011 school year.

Shay Shaw, district business manager, reported on the governor’s supplemental budget for the remainder of the 2010-2011 school year that was just passed by the legislature. School districts across the state will be losing teacher enhancement funding and Educational Jobs Funding. Shaw says that amounts to approximately $129,000 in lost revenue to the district. She said the Oroville District will still receive Educational Jobs Funding, as it is federal funding, but the state will take the money out of the district’s monthly apportionment funding which is state funding.

The governor’s 2011-2013 proposed budget has several cuts, including a proposed salary freeze

for teachers, administrators and classified staff, according to Shaw.