Molson Grange needs new roof

Dear Editor,

I know you have been to a few events at the Molson Grange Hall and know how important it is to local communities and even friends of Molson that live far far away now. The Molson Grange organization continues to be one of the most active in Washington State, but we have a huge problem. For over a decade we have patched the flat roof of the historic old building and have failed to stop the leaks. To save the Grange Hall we need a new roof. The Grange is adamant to have this done right and estimates are it will cost just under $40,000.

The building was built in 1914 as a mercantile and the Molson Grange has owned it since 1944. The Grange Hall has hosted countless events for nearly 70 years including dances, school plays, reunions, 4H activities, parties, arts & craft fairs, shows, rollerskating, pinochle, meetings, festivals, plus memorials, and will continue to do so for decades in the future when we get the new roof.

Volunteers of the Molson Grange will be having many upcoming fund raising events and we look forward to the support of neighbors and visitors. For those that wish to send a check to the Molson Grange in support of the Roof Project may mail it to: Molson Grange Secretary at PO Box 2637, Oroville, WA 98844. Make checks out to Molson Grange and on the “for” line note: New Roof.

Thank you for listening.

Preserving history by living it,

Robin Stice,

Molson Grange Member