May Festival a tremendous effort

Dear Editor,

Having moved back to Oroville at the end of last year, I felt a great need to jump in and give back to the community in which I grew up. In 1988 I had the honor of representing Oroville as a May Festival Princess, so of course, May Day seemed like the perfect place to use my extra energy towards helping my home town.

Back when I was a teenager I was far too young and naïve to understand what a tremendous amount of work goes into making May Day a success. The May Day Committee works throughout an entire year to make sure the many events go off without a problem. But sometimes a glitch can occur, and it is not one persons fault. Everyone is giving of their own time and works very hard at the task in which they volunteered.

I am absolutely in awe of the work that goes in to making May Day a success. I look forward to learning from the more seasoned volunteers and continuing to volunteer my time for an event that has had an impact my entire life, and teaching my children the value of giving back to the community they now call home. I would urge anyone that has never helped with Selection Night, Coronation, or any of the events that occur on that special Saturday in May to consider coming to a May Day Committee meeting and see where their time could be put to use.


Dana Kernan-McCoy

May Festival Committee Member