Letters to the Editor Week 48

Words cannot express

We’ve been helping with benevolences for quite a few years now and it never ceases to amaze us at the outpouring of support and love the community steps up time and after time in such a big way. Words cannot express the emotion of gratitude in our hearts right now for all your help in this time of need.

A big thank you to the American Legion Auxiliary and Faith Lutheran Ladies for all your help. Thank you to all the businesses, friends and family that donated items for the auction. Thank you Ken Neal for auctioning. It warms our hearts for the close-knit community support. God bless you all.

Deacon Dave, Jan and the Wildermuth family


On a ride

“The world is like a ride in an amusement park. And when you chose to go on it, you think it is real because that is how powerful our minds are.” Voice of Bill Hicks.com

The analogy being made is this: Our reality is an illusion. We are being lied to. We think it is real when we are on the ride but it is just a ride after all. We think it is real that death and taxes are the only real sure thing in our existence. In truth, truth has layers. From a white lie to a whopper to divine. That top layer of Truth is divine. It is almost like magic, the illusion so real. It feels like truth. But it is just a ride. The magician uses distraction. So do our elitists that want total control. It happened in 1933, Woodrow Wilson signed a document without reading it. He was sorry about that. That was the Federal Reserve Bank. The elitists own it. The Feds had no say but had made agreements to give over all our personal rights. The death of the constitution.

Anyway, about that time a board-game leaked out, “Monopoly.” This game is good fun, but we all missed the point. The one who owns the bank and every last dollar is the winner.

See the truth? I do. I ask why?

I saw a famous roller coaster ride called “Chaos.” That’s it, ‘Chaos’ is the distracting force the liars are using. We don’t notice when our dollar is plunging. We don’t recognize evil and slavery when we are on the ride. “Go back to bed America, You haven’t finished paying.” Healthcare will finish that job. Now they own your body.

Someday I will do a study of Don Miguel Ruiz, he wrote “The Four Agreements.” These simple agreements require a certain quality of maturity. You will see:

1) Always do your best.

2) Always avoid taking things personal.

3) Be impeccable in your word.

4) Never make assumptions.

Say it again.

Vivian Harper


Tell the troops

Publisher, your claim on Nov. 17 that our nine year occupation of Afghanistan is justified because those “citizens attacked us on 9/11” is understandable and forgivable. Forty percent of Americans polled also once believed Saddam was the mastermind of 9/11. Indeed, a tangible enemy is needed, as it is a difficult concept that terrorism is a global entity not confined by borders or deterred by military force in any one place. And certainly this misconception has become convenient for those of our military industrial machine who lobby for war, any war.

In fact Publisher, contrary to the spin of your trusted conservative blogs, 15 of the 19 hijackers of 9/11 were Saudis who used the remote reaches of Afghanistan to train. They also trained (to pilot planes) in Florida. But an America eager for revenge after 9/11 could not attack Florida, and certainly not our oil rich friends in the house of Saud, so we bravely, with much fanfare and flag waving, attacked the innocent impoverished people of Afghanistan. The lingering ignorance of these events is testimony to the ability of our government, corporate media, Pentagon, and defense industry to dupe the gullible, an innocent gullible, for it is not a sin to trust and be lied to, particularly by the President we vote for.

GW looked into the camera and delivered lies with a poker face, whether wittingly or unwittingly we will never know. However, there is no doubt when Obama delivers the lie that the cost in blood and treasure in Afghanistan (one million dollars per soldier per year) is in our vital interests, he knows he is lying, and like LBJ of an era before, he knows he is losing.

Don’t take my word for this, Publisher. Ask those who know better than you or I. Ask our returning combat veterans. Having experienced the immorality of the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, vets have organized to educate the millions like yourself- the honest well meaning, hard working patriots who innocently cling to the noble myths. Open http://www.answercoalition.org/march-forward/statements/afghanistan-war-myths.html to find what these vets call the five myths of the Afghanistan occupation. Or merely word search “Afghanistan, Myths.” I won’t use your ink here to paraphrase them as they deserve a complete look.

I believe it was Churchill who said the first casualty of war is the truth. The lack of truth, as we learned, was the signature of the invasion of Iraq. We quickly recognized the betrayal. The secrets of Afghanistan have been better kept but would always eventually be exposed.

Last summer I spoke to a 13 year Marine vet who walked away after taking part in atrocities that were exonerated as rules of engagement. He wrote the book “Packing Inferno” and now tours America attempting to redeem himself. Others have simply returned from these occupations to take their own lives. Closer to home, a graduate of Cascade HS, who wishes to remain nameless, returned and said he would take his own life before he would take another innocent life. He remains troubled. It is a cruel joke that we post “Support Our Troops” on our bumpers while sending them on these miserable ill-fated missions.

Open and read the fore mentioned site and links to any number of other organizations being formed by young veterans returning from these cruel occupations, and then respond this time, Publisher, not to me or your readers, but to them. Tell them why they must surely be wrong about their experience. Remind them of their duty as the occupier to brutalize the occupied in your context of America being a “beacon of light to the world.” And above all, explain to them what no one has yet explained. Put them at peace. Connect the dots so they can understand how invading and subjugating the impoverished people of remote places like Afghanistan is in the interest of humanity and an essential protection of our freedom.

Mark Lindstrom

Lake Wenatchee