Items from the Past, March 29, 2012

75 years ago

Friday, March 19-26, 1937:
People living in and around Oroville will soon be able to rent cold storage lockers for keeping bulk meats and vegetables, according to an announcement made the past week by Ben Prince. Mr. Prince states that he has let a contract for installation of 144 lockers and a cooling room in his store here, the plant to be ready for operation about April 1. Anyone renting a locker can have access to it any time from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., according to Mr. Prince, as each individual box will have a private lock and a man will be on hand to look after the entire plant. Sportsmen of Oroville were agreeably surprised Tuesday, when they were notified that the first of several loads of large steelhead trout were on their way her to be planted in Osoyoos Lake. The load, which came from the new Chelan hatchery of the game department, arrived in town about noon and due to the short notice there were few on hand to watch. The load, which contained about 4200 trout, ranging in size from six to eight inches, were planted near Smith’s Point. (From the Highlights from the Hill, Oroville High School) St. Patrick’s Day is a day to be suitably observed by everyone whether or not he is Irish. It is a day made for cheerfulness and good humor. Green is typical of spring, as well as St. Patrick’s Day, so if we don’t care for it for one reason, we most certainly should for the other. Ladies Fancy Aprons just received. Largest assortment we ever had. Five different patterns, Fancy, Floral and Plain colors nicely trimmed $.39 to $.79. Old wooden flumes are being replaced by permanent main canal for the Oroville-Tonasket Irrigation District. On Thursday, April 1 water will flow through a mile or so of the new canal. Several thousand feet of tunnel were bored through solid rock. Returns from a carload of gold ore from the Eagle Mine near Chesaw, contained 22 tons of sorted ore and brought $1,400 plus $22 for the slag. The ore from the mine is trucked to Oroville, where it is shipped by rail to the smelter in Kellogg, Idaho. The State Game Department completed the planting of 28,746 steelhead trout in Osoyoos Lake. The fish brought here weighed 1,743 pounds and the truck made six trips, one each day for about a week.

50 Years Ago

Friday, March 22-29, 1962
Construction of 10 new units on a new addition to the Cariboo Motel, began last week. The motel is owned by Mr. and Mrs. “Skeet” Wilder and the addition will be located at the rear of the present units. Library meeting revealed that there were 250 books and the regional library had added 4,129. There was an overall increase in circulation of 7 percent and the turnover was 3 1/2 times. Expenditures from the city service fund are estimated at $3,298 as follows: Salary, $1,296; new books, $1,060.00; postage & supplies, $149.70; misc. taxes and other small items, $231.40 and $561 for the maintenance of the North Central Regional Library. Oroville Grain Company, your local feed dealer announced they are now taking orders for BABY CHICKS with all breeds available, including started pullets. Grocery items: Surefresh eggs, 1 dozen AA, $49: MJB coffee, 1# $.49: Snow’s Clam Chowder, 15 oz. 4 for $1.00; Tomatoes, .25 per #. Golden Indian bread from the local bakery only $.30 per loaf. The Oroville High School clarinet trio, composed of Mary Zosel, Martha Lawless and Kathleen Kernan, walked off with the honor ensemble award at the County Music Festival held at Coulee Dam. The Oroville High School Band also received a superior rating of 1 in the contest, playing the marches, “Emblems of Unity” and ” March and Chorus.” Work has begun on the construction of the May Day float, which will also be entered in the Wenatchee Apple Blossom parade. Design, Helene Bergh and Cynthia Graham and Jordan Krusoff; Construction, Bob Monroe, Gil Turner, Pete Valentine and Tom Dull; Finance, Mike Canfield, Clayton Emry and Mrs. Bill Seefried; Transportation, Herm Sprouse and Ken Kirkwood. Golf Club members began planting trees on the fairways of the new course, which will make an added improvement to the appearance to the course. 150 trees were set out during the day consisting of 65 evergreen arborvitae, 30 willows, 45 white birch hawthorns and eight lyndens. The Oroville Junior-Senior High students selected five finalists for the May Day Queen. Senior girls were Elva Bruns, Susan Dull, Shiela Finsen, Marie Kirkwood and Karen Roberts.

25 Years Ago

Thursday, March 20-27, 1986:
Barbara Drummond lauded Harry Sherling last Monday evening as she presented him a lifetime membership to the Oroville Chamber of Commerce. Sherling was responsible for a special fund to be used for community improvement. The Okanogan County Auditor’s office announced that the M&O levy had not passed in the Tonasket School District, with 591 yes votes and 397 no. This was a 59.82 percent majority; however a 60 percent is required by state law so it went down by .18 percent. There was still some hope because there were still 336 absentee ballots out but historically these have been predominately in the ‘no’ column. However, the transportation levy seems to have passed with 615 yes votes and 358 no for a total of 973 votes. The Oroville Depot Museum Committee has been making rapid progress towards the completion of the first phase of the museum. With a May Day weekend deadline, the committee has recently finished construction of the framework for a series of display panels depicting part of the history of Oroville. Chesaw notes that the weather has been typical March weather. Last week, it snowed every day, but the new blanket has all left us and even took some of the old with it. About a foot of old snow left on the flats. Real Estate sales list, among others, 5-acre orchard, approximately four miles south of Oroville, $25,000; 3 bedroom home in central Oroville w/ fenced yard, $18,000; 4 acres w/new home. This 3 bedroom home on a daylight basement and 1 bedroom in the basement, unfinished, $54,000. The Chalet Swiss Restaurant in Osoyoos, now offers a 40 percent discount on U.S. Dollar. Ann Brown, Chairperson and Ethel Lindaur, Auxiliary President of the Oroville Auxiliary of the Eagles No. 3865, presented a check in the amount of $200 to Oroville Librarian Clarice Wyatt.