If it walks like a duck

Dear Editor,

John Connot must have forgotten the many statements by various leaders, (B.O. being one of them) alluding to the fact that Islam is a peaceful religion. So why would having our first Muslim President be a bad thing here in progressive America?

It was nice though to learn some of the minimum requirements of being a Muslim, although when one is actively involved in jihad against an enemy, the duty of prostrating ones self five times a day toward Mecca would leave the guy kind of vulnerable. If the Black leaders of America are willing to label Bill Clinton our first black president, then we should have no problem allowing Barak Hussein Obama to be our first Muslim President, or our first Gay President, or our first Hispanic President.

I’m sure Barak could have taken his other name: Barry Soetoro, but he didn’t. Hussein is a popular name for Muslim boys, his childhood teacher praised his ability in recite portions of the Quran, and with his efforts to change aspects of the NASA space center into a Muslim outreach facility, and his work at helping one of the Muslim Brotherhood become leader of Egypt, and carrying the water for the Muslim Brotherhood by falsely blaming a YouTube video that offended Islam for the killing of a U.S. Ambassador and three others, his flying around the world on vacations and other business but not having time to stop at Israel, surely these and many other actions like them will get Barak into paradise as a good Muslim.

No John, the FACT is Barak Obama is not pro-American, he is not for limited constitutional government, or private property rights, he will do all he can to divide the people of this nation, and he is doing a great job of destroying our financial foundations through wealth redistribution, more taxes, government spending/waste and inflation.

The good thing about a 17 trillion dollar debt from Barak Obama’s standpoint has to be that it is only some one else’s money. Where would we look to find a president whose political proclivities better align with the Muslim people? Even John has to love hearing him tell the nation we must get our fiscal house in order, as he flies off on another extravagant vacation.

We have to wonder if Michelle Obama has gotten over her disdain for this country yet, hopefully the $4 million getaway to Hawaii and the multimillion dollar inaugural party will help. It is sad to see the average Obama supporter questioned about some of the simplest things that made up this nation’s historic framework. The real question for John is, if it looks like a duck, walks and quacks like a duck, can a majority of people be deceived into thinking it’s an eagle? Not without the help of the media!

Steve Lorz