Column was inaccurate


Dear Gary,

In your column you made mention that the School District does not allow outside groups such as youth baseball, softball and adult softball to use our field. I believe this is an inaccurate statement.

In the 15 plus years I have been here we have never to my knowledge turned sports groups away from using our fields. Presently we have youth softball using Terry Taylor Field for practice and games, and I am told that adult softball still uses it from time to time for practice.

In regards to a soccer field at the new Prince’s Heritage Park, no one has approached the School District in regards to our teams playing there or our contributing to it’s development. Personally, the last thing I want to see this new park space used for is another soccer field. Any group that is pursing the development of a soccer field and using the School District as an advocate is doing so without the School Districts knowledge. As Athletic Director I did have one of our High School Soccer coaches ask me if I would write something in support of a soccer field and I told him I would not.


Tam Hutchinson

OHS Athletic Director