CCC to host Highland Wonders weather presentation

TONASKET – The Community Cultural Center of Tonasket will be hosting John Livingston of the Spokane National Weather Service (NOAA) on Friday, Jan. 6, to provide insight into the weather of the Okanogan Highlands and the surrounding areas.

The event, part of the First Friday Coffee House series hosted by the CCC and brought to you by the Okanogan Highlands Alliance, and is free of charge. Before the presentation, a dinner benefiting CCC will be available beginning at 5 p.m. The presentation begins at 6:30 p.m. with desserts, tea and coffee.

The CCC is located at 411 S. Western Avenue, Tonasket, and event details are provided on OHA’s website:

Weather impacts people’s everyday activities to varying degrees and in different ways, but it is a daily consideration for us all. Weather affects our clothing and our moods, influences our decisions on what to do and when, and provides a handy conversation topic in awkward situations. Considering that weather is such an elemental part of life, wouldn’t you like to understand it better?

Livingston became interested in the study of weather through his love of outdoor activities like skiing and sailing. He had a knack for math and science, and meteorology seemed like a great fit. “The National Weather Service has been great experience,” Livingston says. “And the best part is providing folks with good information that they can use in their daily lives and when the weather causes problems. We all share the common goal of keeping people safe and informed.”

After earning his degrees in Meteorology and working in various parts of the United States for seven years, Livingston began his tenure with the National Weather Service in Spokane. During the past 17 years, he has led the Spokane Weather Service Office into the new era of technological advances in meteorology associated with the National Weather Service modernization. The office has received a number of awards and honors in the recent past, and Livingston has made presentations at conferences and community events, and has served as National Weather Association Councilor.

The January Highland Wonders event creates an opportunity for community members to attain a deeper understanding of local weather. The presentation will answer questions that have been posed by local residents, such as how weather changes are predicted, what causes variation in precipitation from one microclimate to another, and how to read the clouds. Livingston will discuss forces that affect weather in the Okanogan Highlands and will compare and contrast highland weather with that of the valley. The purpose and function of NRCS SNOTEL sites will also be covered.

Highland Wonders lineup in the months to come includes presentations on Owls and Woodpeckers, Bats, Bighorn Sheep and Butterflies. While the series will take place on the first Friday of the month from November through May, please note that December will be skipped in light of the many events offered during the holiday season.

The Highland Wonders educational series features the natural history of the Okanogan Highlands and surrounding areas. OHA’s Education Program is designed to increase the base of community members who are informed about local conservation issues, and empowered to become active in the stewardship of our surrounding natural habitats and resources.

OHA is a non-profit that works to educate the public on watershed issues. For more information, contact Julie Ashmore at or phone (509) 433-7893. The public can provide input on the topics addressed by OHA’s education program by filling out the following survey: