Hornets and Shockers split fastpitch doubleheader

OROVILLE – Oroville and Waterville split a double header at home last week, with the Hornets winning the first game 17 – 16 and the Shockers taking game two 12-13.

For Oroville in game one, Tori King was lead off batter and made it to first on a walk and then stole second. Jessica Hutsell was also walked setting up Hailey Naclerio who hit a triple and brought in two RBIs. Justyce Olson hit a single and brought in another player.

In the second inning Tosca Pickering made it on a walk and proceeded to steal second and third. Hutsell got on and also stole second. Jessica Glover slapped a bunt for single and one RBI. Naclerio was next up at bat, hitting a double and driving in two RBIs and stealing home.

In the third inning Olson made it on base and stole second and Kaylee Harris had a single, then stole second and third. Breanna Dodd made it on base and stole second and third, followed by a steal of home plate. Pickering made it to first on a walk and proceeded to steal second, advancing to third after Hutsell was hit by the pitcher and then Pickering stole home. Meanwhile Hutsell stole third based and home. Glover made it on base on a walk, forcing in an RBI, while Olsen stole second, but the two were left standing when the next batter struck out and ended the inning for the Hornets.

The fourth inning it was three up and three down for Oroville. In the fifth Hutsell was walked and Glover slap bunted sending Hutsell to second. She stole third and then home on an overthrow to the catcher. Glover stole third and then home, also on stole home on an overthrow. Dodd got on base, stole second, third and home. Pickering hit a single, stole second, third and home. Hutsell hit a single to advance Tori King to second. Glover hit another bunt bringing in King for an RBI. Then Hutsell stole home. The next two Hornets were two up, two down ending the inning and the game in Oroville’s favor.

In game two, King was hit by the pitcher in the first inning and then stole second. Hutsell hit for a single, but was thrown out at first advancing King to third. However, the next at bat struck out, followed by a caught pop fly to right field and the Shockers took over.

In the Hornets second inning at bat, Olson had a single, followed by another single by Amanada McAllister which moved Olson to second. Both girls stole their next bases, putting McAllister on second and Olson on third. Dodd made it to base on an error by the Waterville catcher, which also sent the two girls home. Dodd stole second, third and home and the inning ended after the next to batters went out.

The Hornets were three up, three down in the third inning, but faired better in the fourth. Olson was walked and McAllister hit a single advancing her to second. McAllister stole second and Olson stole third. Katriona Lindstrand hit a single for an RBI bringing Olson home, but McAllister was thrown out at third. Dodd hit a single, followed by a single by Pickering moving her to second. The next two batters struck out and the pair was left standing.

For the fifth inning Naclerio hit a double, while Olson was walked. Naclerio stole third and Olson stole second. McAllister had a single and there was error on first sending two runners home. McAlliser advanced to second on an error and then stole third. Lindstrand was walked and then stole second, while McAllister stole home at the same time. Dodd had s single and stole second and Lindstrand and Dodd each stole home. The inning ended when the next two batters struck out.

In the sixth, Hutsell was walked, stole second and was stealing third when an error was thrown and she stole her way home. The next two batters failed to get on base and then Olson hit a single. However, the inning was ended when a pop fly was caught by the shortstop.

In the seventh inning Lindstrand hit a single and stole second. The next batter struck out, but Pickering hit a single advancing Lindstrand to third. King also hit a single bringing Katriona home. Two pop flies in a row to first and shortstop ended the inning and the game leaving Oroville trailing by one to Waterville.

“I am extremely proud of how the girls have improved since the beginning of the season,” said Hornet Head Coach Dane Forrester. “I see them working harder as a team and their performance is showing on the field and in practice. As this improvement continues I see our chances for advancing in our league this season.”