Okanogan County burn restrictions begin June 15

Okanogan County Commissioners declare burn ban from June 15 through October 15, 2022.

Fire Restrictions

OKANOGAN – The Okanogan County Commissioners have passed Resolution 79-2022 creating a burn ban lasting from June 15 through October 15, 2022.

The ban states that “No field/pile/rubbish/rule/slash/yard vegetation or non-emergent agricultural burning on private lands within Okanogan County.”

Currently recreational fires will be allowed, but “must be contained in a concrete, rock or steel ring (made from non-combustible material), no larger than three feet in diameter and no less than eight inches in height. The fire (flames) shall be no higher than two feet and not conducted within 25 feet of a structure or combustible material. Recreational fires SHALL be attended to at all times.”

When Extreme fire conditions become present a County-Wide Burn Ban will be implemented prohibiting ALL outdoor burning including recreational fires.

This resolution does not apply to areas within city limits, silvicultural burning on lands, regulated solely by DNR’s outdoor burning rules and regulations, fire in DNR recreation sites and campgrounds, or on U.S. Forest Service protected lands and within the Colville Reservation. The DNR, U.S. Forest Service and Colville Tribes may have similar burn restrictions/ban in effect. Some private parcels may also have DNR restrictions if it includes a DNR Fire Tax Assessment. This can be found on County Tax Statements.

For more details visit: Okanogan County Emergency Managements https://www.okanogancounty.org/government/emergency_management/new_page/index.php. For additional info: https://evbg.co/dtqtvu.