The Best Delta 8 Gummies Of 2022 | Top Delta 8 THC Gummy Brands | Best THC Gummies in the Market

Are you dealing with a tough, hectic schedule?

Coping with numerous meetings, making essential decisions, and focusing on better performance regularly can, and, eventually, will take a toll on your health. It becomes a natural tendency to seek solace and relaxation through different means. That could include bad habits, such as smoking, drinking, and whatnot.

Many times, people also try to seek comfort through various OTC drugs.

However, all of these, when abused, can take a massive toll on your physical and mental health.

This is where Delta 8 THC has emerged as a safer and more potent alternative to such bad habits and drugs. They cause minimal damage to your health and offer equally effective, if not more, relaxation and comfort.

Numerous US states have legalized it in recent years, increasing its popularity significantly. Although there are many methods of consuming Delta 8 products, gummies are the simplest, easiest, safest, and also the most delicious you can have to consume Delta 8 THC.

But choosing a good and reliable brand certainly is no easy task. So, after extensive research, we have narrowed down on these brands of Delta 8 edibles. They are the best this year.

The edibles contain a lot of ingredients such as sugar, corn syrup, pectin, sunflower oil, water, flavoring, sodium citrate, sodium acid sulfate, citric acid, natural and artificial food coloring.

Top 5 Brands Of Delta 8 THC Edibles of 2022:

#1.Exhale Wellness — Overall Best Delta 8 Gummies

#2.BudPop — Strongest Delta 8 Edibles in the Market

#3.Hollyweed CBD— Prime Quality Delta 8 THC Gummies

#4.Diamond CBD— Potent and Premium Flavored THC Edibles

#5.3Chi — High Rated THC Gummies Available

#1.Exhale Wellness — Overall Best Delta 8 Edibles


An Overview

Exhale Wellness is one of the largest distributors of Delta 8 THC edibles in the country, based in Los Angeles, California. It exclusively deals with premium hemp edibles that are 100% organic. Moreover, the Delta 8 THC concentration levels are also quite strong. The appealing flavors add a greater appeal to these tasty bites. Because of the presence of concentrated Delta 8 THC, the effects are also pretty strong.


1. Quality: Exhale Wellness never compromises the quality of its products. It produces the best gummies, exclusively made from high-grade organic hemp, vegan-friendly elements, with zero added sugar or other synthetic elements and additives. The cruelty-free ingredients retain the original taste of these gummies combined with natural and delicious flavors.
2. Transparency: Exhale Wellness maintains transparency of each product by conducting third-party laboratory tests. It ensures the safety and authenticity of the products. You can easily access and view these lab reports on the site.
3. Effectiveness: With the concentrated levels of Delta 8 THC balanced with superfoods, Exhale Wellness edibles offer you a relaxing high with long-lasting effects. You can adjust the dosage depending on your habits and other requirements and maybe doctor’s advice. Some might even be effective for up to two hours.
4. Ingredients: Exhale Wellness edibles never contain preservatives, colors, flavors, or sweeteners. It never uses any animal gelatin, GMOs, or additives, making it ideal for vegans and people with lactose or gluten allergies. The edibles contain pectin.
5. Extraction process: To let consumers experience the purest pleasure of Delta 8 edible consumption, Exhale Wellness uses the CO2 extraction method. Because of the low pressure and temperature, it is regarded as the safest procedure with the cleanest result.
6. Flavors: Exhale Wellness gummies are available in 750 mg and 1500 mg packs. Depending on your habits and needs, it’s best to start low and gradually go higher. A pack of 30 gummies is available in five attractive natural flavors: strawberry, green apple, orange, grape, and pineapple.


  • All-natural and organic ingredients
  • Ideal for vegan consumption
  • Devoid of additives, synthetic elements, GMOs, gluten, lactose
  • Maintains transparency with third-party lab testing
  • Safe CO2 extraction method
  • Carefully procured hemp from local US farms
  • Offers attractive discounts
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping


  • No international shipping allowed
  • Only online availability

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2.BudPop — Strongest Delta 8 Gummies in the Market


An Overview

Although a relatively new brand, BudPop has succeeded in establishing itself as one of the best dealers of Delta 8 THC products. It offers a comprehensive line of Delta 8 products for all the benefits of customers. Its prime motto is, “Pop plants, not pills.” The BudPop team consists of experts with over 30 years of experience in the cannabis industry. By retaining its high standards through consistent efforts, BudPop has earned a good reputation in this competitive market.


1. Quality: BudPop edibles are made exclusively from the finest hemp, carefully procured from the farms of Nevada, maintaining the norms of the 2018 Farm Bill. This Los Angeles-based brand does not compromise the quality of its products under any circumstances. That is why they use only top-grade ingredients, making it one of the best in the industry.
2. Extraction process: To retain the purity and safety of the Delta 8 edibles, BudPop uses the safest CO2 extraction process. This method allows the retention of the hemp’s quality, resulting in potent CBD products. It never hampers the natural quality and retains beneficial ingredients, such as terpenes. These ingredients play important roles in determining the flavors and aromas of hemp and the end products.
3. Transparency:BudPop does not get involved in any shady business tactics. That is why it procures hemp from the local US farms to abide by the Farm Bill, 2018 norms. Moreover, it tests each product in an independent laboratory called Canalysis Laboratories, based in Henderson, Nevada, to ensure complete safety standards. These comprehensive and detailed tests cover microbes, pesticides, mycotoxins, residual solvents, and heavy metals. You can access these reports on the official website.
4. Customer experience:Customers highly praise the supportive customer service team at BudPop. Moreover, they are highly satisfied with the company’s discounts, a free shipping policy, and a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Contains 100% pure and natural ingredients
  • Devoid of harmful chemicals, additives and contaminants
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free
  • Organic hemp comes from the farms in Nevada
  • The safe CO2 extraction process
  • Uses organic cane sugar, full-spectrum CBD, and natural flavors
  • Offers free shipping
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Only available online
  • International shipping is not allowed
  • Limited choices

=> Click here to visit the official website of BudPop

#3.Hollyweed CBD — Prime Quality Delta 8 THC Gummies


An Overview

If flavors are your priority, Hollyweed edibles must be your first choice. Maintaining a sustainable approach, Hollyweed’s primary target is to ensure customers’ social, physical, environmental, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional well-being. Being in the business since 2017, Hollyweed has greatly impacted the cannabis industry since its inception. This California-based firm has set new standards for purity and effectiveness in this genre.


1. Ingredients:Hollyweed’s organic, tasty gummies contain certain active ingredients that maintain your well-being. It contains traces of Delta 8 THC to give you an enjoyable, relaxing euphoria.

Another exclusive ingredient of Hollyweed edibles is pressed sunflower oil. This healthy ingredient positively impacts your body, maintaining positive heart health, low cholesterol, enhanced digestion, and strong immunity.

Another active ingredient is spirulina, enriched with minerals and vitamins B6, C, and E, hiking WBC production. Other essential ingredients include organic vegetable and fruit concentrates, carnauba wax, pectin, water, organic cane sugar, and natural flavor.

2. Benefits: Some benefits of Hollyweed edibles include enjoyable flavors, easy dosage, fast-acting formula, alleviating physical discomfort, improved mental well-being, better sleep, etc.
3. Symptoms of overdose: Being a newbie, if you cross the recommended dosage, you might experience dry mouth, dry eyes, grogginess, extreme body high, slow reaction, and unpredictability.
4. Taste and quality: You can be assured of the 100% natural and organic ingredients used to make these edibles. This sets high standards of quality. Although you can buy any edible from any brand, Hollyweed will offer you the best taste. The natural flavoring adds zest to these gummies, making them more appealing.
5. Customer services: Hollyweed offers free shipping and allows a 30-day money-back guarantee. It maintains an interactive interface for ease of usage. It offers several lucrative discounts for first-time buyers and bulk buyers.


  • Stellar taste
  • Thoroughly tested by third-party laboratories
  • Non-GMO, vegan-friendly
  • Wide range of organic products
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Affordable
  • Safe and advanced extraction
  • Maintains transparency


  • It may contain artificial flavors
  • Limited shipping options
  • No offline availability

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed CBD

#4.Diamond CBD — Potent and Premium Flavored Delta 8 THC Edibles


An Overview

The Florida-based Diamond CBD is a potent dealer of a wide selection of quality CBD products like vapes, tinctures, edibles, etc. The company houses a team of experts with wide knowledge and extensive experience with pure cannabinoids.

Compared to other products available, Diamond CBD gummies are noted for their characteristic buzz. Diamond CBD mixes CBC and CBN in each 25 mg Delta 8 THC candy for enhanced therapeutic effects. Chill Plus is the pure Delta 8 gummy line of Diamond CBD.


1. Manufacturing and extraction: Diamond CBD uses the CO2 extraction method to remove the cannabinoids from hemp. This method allows for superior, pure, and safe extraction. It procures hemp from the farms of Kentucky, Colorado, and Scandinavian countries, following the 2018 Farm Bill norms.
2. Quality: Diamond CBD refuses to compromise with the quality of Delta 8 edibles and other products. Despite being in this business for several years since 2015, it continues to do consistent research and analysis to heighten and maintain its superior quality. However, the sole drawback of these gummies is that they are neither cruelty-free nor fit for vegans. These gummies contain animal gelatin.
3. Third-party lab tests:These gummies undergo rigorous testing by independent laboratories. Although these are not vegan-friendly, they are carefully sourced and acquired from 100% organic hemp. Moreover, the extraction process is thorough and clean. Diamond CBD edibles are manufactured in FDA-registered facilities, ensuring the optimum standard and quality of products. You can view the test reports on the website.
4. Flavors: Diamond CBD Chill Plus gummies are available in multiple mouthwatering flavors like mango, watermelon, and blueberry. Moreover, you can choose from Island Mix and Sunshine Mix, depending on your preference and needs. Each mix is carefully balanced to cater to your varying requirements of high or relaxed. The gummies are available in either 10 mg or 25 mg potencies.
5. Customer satisfaction:Customers highly regard the quality and effectiveness of the Chill Plus gummies and the various value-added services offered by the company. Although they maintain a competitive price range, you get further discounts on bulk purchases. Moreover, it allows two-day free express shipping on orders over $100. A hassle-free 30-day return policy and a 15-day money-back policy are extra perks.


  • Supreme safety standards
  • Sustainable business practices
  • Made from high-quality, pure, organic, non-GMO, natural hemp procured from US farms
  • A wide choice of flavors
  • Transparent business practices
  • Third-party lab testing
  • Potent gummies with long-lasting effects


  • Animal gelatin makes the gummies unsuitable for vegans
  • Lacks information about contaminants testing
  • Such a wide selection range might seem confusing, especially to beginners

=> Click here to visit the official website of Diamond CBD

#5.3Chi — High Rated THC Gummies Available


An Overview

3Chi marked a new beginning in the US hemp industry in 2019 by producing the country’s first federally legalized THC-dominant products since the cannabis plant prohibition. The company was established by a biochemist with work experience of over 15 years. The firm’s primary focus is to deliver health and wellness through effective usage of minor cannabinoids by launching some of the most competent and effective lines of products. 3Chi is one of the leading distributors of Delta 8 and CBN products in the United States, aimed at fulfilling all your medicinal and recreational requirements.


1. Product range and flavors:3Chi produces a wide selection of Delta 8 edibles. The list includes brownies, cookies, cereal treats, gummies, drinks, etc. Delta 8 gummies are available in blue raspberry, strawberry, black raspberry, and watermelon flavors.

The Delta 8-flavored drink enhancer contains 25 mg Delta 8 THC, infused with a fast-action formula for instant, long-lasting effects. It is available in Tangerine Lime and Pink Lemonade flavors. Available in packs of five and 25, Delta 8 balls will give you a nostalgic feeling of experiencing flavorful candies.

Delta 8 cookies, brownies, and cereal treats are also pocket-friendly snack treats, offering a balanced high with a soothing effect. The tasteless Delta 8 water-soluble powder can be mixed with any drink to experience the effects.

2. Quality: Since its inception, 3Chi has maintained a good name in the industry due to its consistent efforts and dedication to producing top-notch Delta 8 products. It has never failed to use high-grade ingredients free from chemicals, sweeteners, and artificial flavors. Nothing but pure Delta 8 distillate is used. These gummies are gluten-free and vegan-friendly.
3. Customer service: The company allows free shipping on orders above $99. Users have appreciated these treats’ effectiveness and flavorful tastes, offering commendable relaxation lasting four to six hours, depending on the circumstances. Regular customers enjoy several rewards and loyalty programs.


  • Contains organic, pure, and natural ingredients
  • Excellent and safe manufacturing methods
  • One of the best relaxation aids available
  • Gluten-free and vegan-friendly
  • Third-party lab-tested
  • No synthetic colors, flavors, sweeteners, or additives
  • Innumerable choice of products


  • Comparatively expensive
  • Gummies are available only in sachets, not jars
  • Free shipping applies only to orders over $99
  • No return or refund policy

=> Click here to visit the official website of 3CHI

What We Looked For in Delta 8 THC Gummy Brand:

After going through our reviews, you might wonder what made us select only these five brands. Before going into the details, we must clarify that we conducted extensive research on many brands and products to identify the best.

We set up strict guidelines and chose only those that met our stringent standards. We considered several criteria to choose the products:

1. Hemp Source

It is best to acquire hemp from local US farms to comply with federal norms. We ensured that the hemp used to make the products is 100% organic, pure, and natural.

2. Manufacturing Process

You might get a cheaper product with faulty manufacturing methods, but the quality will be compromised. It may even result in undesired side effects. Therefore, considering the manufacturing techniques is a major concern. We ensured that all the listed brands manufacture their products in FDA-registered facilities and received certification from the Good Manufacturing Practices program. That ensures both the safety and the quality of the products.

3. Third-party Lab Tests

You must ensure that the company you choose conducts third-party lab tests regularly on all their products. That can assure you about the quality and the safety standards of the products.

4. Brand Reputation

It takes a lot of dedication and effort to make a name in this competitive industry. If you earn a bad name, it is very difficult to get rid of it. However, word of mouth is enough for a reputable brand to spread its popularity even further. So, we have listed only the brands that have earned and consistently maintained a good name despite tough competition.

5. Delivery Options

Plenty of companies offer free delivery on all orders. However, some offer it only for a fixed price. International shipping is not allowed for many brands. We have carefully accumulated the relevant facts for your benefit.

6. Value-added Services

Apart from free shipping, other value-added services include discounts, offers, rewards, loyalty programs, and return and refund policies. We have searched all the associated facts to provide you with the correct information.

Buyer’s Guide For Delta 8 Edibles:

You want to acquire some Delta 8 edibles to unwind yourself from regular stress. But, before you get started, you need to keep certain essential factors in mind. These tips will help you easily distinguish the authentic products.

These products may be purchased online, as well as at a variety of retailers, including convenience stores and gas stations, where there may not be age limits on who can purchase these products.

1. Brand Reputation

Begin with a comprehensive background check about your chosen brand. Consider their history, research, innovations, line, and range of products. Never forget to consider what customers have to say about the brand’s overall performance, quality and effectiveness of the products, customer service standards, etc. An affirmative take on all these aspects will assure you about the authentic quality and standards of the products.

2. Quality of Ingredients

It is best to do a comparative study among different Delta 8 edibles before picking one. Confirm that it maintains the federal norms of containing less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. To avoid side effects, ensure that all the ingredients are natural, organic, and pure. If you are a vegan, ensure that the raw materials are cruelty-free.

3. Extraction Method

The best Delta 8 edibles are made with top-notch hemp sourced from local US farms. The best brands guarantee the purity and the cleanliness of the products using cutting-edge extraction processes. The CO2 extraction process is regarded as the safest and cleanest one. It effectively extracts cannabinoids from hemp, leaving no residue or harmful contents in the distillate.

4. Flavor and Taste

Edibles from reputable brands are available in multiple tastes, flavors, and sizes. Select only the gummies devoid of artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners and lacking the strong hempy taste.

5. Dosage

This is a prime concern for any beginner. As a new user, you should start Delta 8 consumption at a low dose and gradually work your way up. Overdosing may cause temporary side effects. If you have any medical conditions or are under any prescription medications, it is best to consult your physician before beginning to use it.

6. Efficiency

Before buying any product, ensure that it will give you the desired effects. To confirm that, consider the potency and presence of any additional hemp compounds like CBN or CBD or any other compounds. It is best to choose edibles with the mildest effect for relaxation. CBN-infused edibles might be suitable for a peaceful slumber. Confirm the ingredients mentioned in the product description to experience the desired results.

7. Packaging

To retain the edibles’ freshness and purity, the brand must package them properly. Convenient packaging ensures easy usage and quality retention of the products for a long time. It’s even better if the brand uses child-proof packaging for enhanced safety.

8. Transparency

Any authentic brand conducts tests by third-party laboratories to ensure the quality standard of their products. They must be straightforward enough to publish those test reports on their website for easy viewing. It will give you a clear idea about the ingredients in the product.

9. Customer Reviews

While comparing different Delta 8 edibles, consider the user’s take on the product concerned. Authentic brands maintain a separate Customer Reviews section on their website. However, some brands with dubious business practices fake reviews. Therefore, it is best to consider third-party reviews as well.

#10. Price

Price is a major factor before buying any product. You can compare different brands to get a clear idea about the prices of Delta 8 edibles. But try to stay away from available products at unbelievably low prices.

FAQs About Delta 8 THC Edibles & Their Usage:

Q: What are Delta 8 edibles?

A: Delta 8 edibles are food products infused with the strength of Delta 8 THC. The Delta 8 compound is extracted from hemp plant and can offer a balanced euphoric high.

Q: What are the types of Delta 8 edibles?

A: Delta 8 edibles are the most versatile products. These come in oils, gummies, brownies, cereal bars, candies, balls, capsules, etc. Depending on your requirements, you can choose any. Each one offers a different kick-in time.

Q: What are the benefits of Delta 8 edibles?

A: Some of the most significant effects of Delta 8 edibles include experiencing a balanced euphoria, better relaxation, stimulated creativity and a positive mood, enhanced appetite, alleviated feelings of physical discomfort, anxiousness, irritability, or sadness, and increasing sensory responses, and faster and better sleep.

Q: How do Delta 8 edibles work?

A: Delta 8 THC is a natural phytocannabinoid found in hemp plants. To experience the effects, oral Delta 8 compounds must be digested, and it takes nearly one hour for complete metabolization. The effects may last for four to eight hours, depending on your dosage, habits, and physical constitution.

Q: What are the side effects of Delta 8 THC?

A: There is still not enough evidence about the toxic side effects of Delta 8 THC. However, you may experience certain temporary side effects with an overdose, like fatigue, trouble focusing, dizziness, dry eyes, and dry mouth.

Q: Are Delta 8 edibles legal in all states?

A: Although legalized in most parts of the US, Delta 8 is not legal in certain states, including Arizona, Alaska, Utah, Delaware, Mississippi, Montana, Colorado, Iowa, Idaho, Utah, and Rhode Island.

Conclusion: Delta 8 Edibles:

Delta 8 THC offers most of the effects of Delta-9 but on a milder level. Since marijuana and Delta-9 consumption is illegal, Delta 8 THC has come up as the closest legal alternative.

Hemp derived Delta 8 edibles may have a slower onset when it comes to effects, and the effects may seem stronger than inhaling Delta 8.

Because of their ease of use, Delta 8 edibles are gaining rapid popularity in the hemp sector. After extensive research, we have created this exclusive list of the best Delta 8 edibles currently available. There are many more hemp derived products or hemp products that you can try for yourself.

So, how about trying some to unwind from the struggles of daily life and the stress of a hectic schedule? They are safe, yummy, and effective. All you have to do is pop one in and chill!

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