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Numerous folks complain of lower back and hip discomfort. Athletes and gym enthusiasts get chronic pain that may affect the quality of their training. Most people depend on specific movements and painkillers to manage the pain. Brain Schwabe is a renowned “go-pain” expert for famous basketball, football, and baseball players. He is a Los Angeles-based board-certified sports physical therapist with decades of experience.

Additionally, Brian is the creator of the Release-Rebalance Program that promises to manage low back and hip pain. How does the Release-Rebalance Program work? Where can you buy it?

What is Release-Rebalance Program?

Back and hip pain affects most people. According to studies, lack of adequate exercises, poor workout routines, and bad posture are significant causes of severe hip and back pain. The Release-Rebalance Program is the work of renowned physical therapists based in Los Angeles. The maker, Brian Schwabe, claims that the nine minutes daily program can help you get rid of hip and back pain permanently. Additionally, he claims the series of six precise movements has helped thousands of folks, including Hollywood stars, famous athletes, and ordinary persons. The Release-Rebalance program is for men and women of all ages regardless of their weight. The six stretches take nine minutes and can be done by anyone in the comfort of their homes.

Additionally, you do not need any fancy equipment to perform the six-series movements. Performing simple stretches daily can restore your back and give your better mobility and flexibility. Brian claims that the program will get rid of chronic pain, helping you go back to doing the activities you like painlessly. Release-Rebalance movements can manage disc problems, sciatica, and scoliosis conditions.

Most people resort to core exercises, stretches, and back adjustments to fix the lower back and hips pain. However, Brain Schwabe explains that the chronic discomfort keeps recurring due to a “feedback loop.” Therefore, to get a permanent pain solution, you must break the cycle of “feedback loop,” or what Schwabe calls Tissue Lock. According to Brian, Tissue Lock is a muscle-strengthening reflex occurring in every human body. Women are more prone to back and hips pain as they have a wider pelvis than men. Therefore, in case of an injury, your body responds by stiffening and protecting the muscles. The Release and Rebalance program works by:

  • Releasing the stiffness and tension in the “tissue-locked muscles
  • Rebalancing your hip and back muscles back into their natural positions

What Causes Lower Back and Hip Pain

Brian Schwabe explains that he suffered severe pain in his hips and back, making it difficult to perform tasks such as tying his shoes. He tried several movements and pain relievers, but the pain kept recurring. However, he discovered that when you hurt your hips or lower back, the brain senses pain. Consequently, the brain causes an automatic reaction to locking your pelvis muscles in a biological process called Muscle Tone. The muscle tone response reduces the risk of causing spinal damage.

However, it causes the hips and back muscles to tighten, making you immobile and inhibiting natural healing. In what Brian calls Tissue Lock, continuous injuries lock the muscles more tightly, which makes standard pain solutions ineffective.

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How Does Release-Rebalance Program Work?

The Release and Rebalance stretches are precise and straightforward. You can perform Schwabe’s routines in your living room or any other convenient place. Additionally, you do not need professional help to master the six movements. Instead, Brain Schwabe takes you through videos to ensure you perform the correct stretches. The Rebalance-Release movements are best done in the morning to ensure you start your day painlessly.

Step 1 – Release

Brian explains that the first step towards relieving pain is to release stiffened hip and lower back muscles. During this time, Brian demonstrates six movements that relieve discomfort and tension using detailed videos. Further, during the Release stage, the movements will align your spine in the correct position, thus reducing back and hips pain.

Step 2 – Rebalance

The movements in this stage are fast and seek to restore your hip and lower back in the correct positions. As with the Release movements, these exercises are quick, simple, and require zero gym equipment. Additionally, all the stretches take less than ten minutes, thus saving you a lot of time. Additionally, the Release-Rebalance program helps you identify the exact tightened muscles, hence enabling you to get rid of the discomfort permanently.

For example, if you experience a knee collapse while performing squats, it is an indicator that your hips have trouble gyrating. Additionally, a chest or torso that does not upright shows that the back muscles are locked. When you identify the source of your hips and lower back pain, you will get a customized movement series to restore your health.

Release-Rebalance Program Pricing

Brain Schwabe sells the Release-Rebalance Program only via his official website. After making the payments, you will receive a link to help you download the program to your smartphone, desktop, or tablet. Additionally, Brian offers several other bonuses to help you stay pain-free. These include:

The Office and Desk Pain Relief Routine

The program provides you with nine movements that can speed up your recovery, mainly if you spend many hours sitting on the office desk. The movements are easy and require minimal materials, including a lacrosse ball, chair, and desk. The exercises are perfect when you need to take a break and speed up recovery.

The Perfect Posture

These movements aim at protecting your entire system from pain. The Perfect Posture seeks to correct poor sitting and standing positions. Additionally, it improves:

  • Sitting positions to prevent your hip and lower back muscles from stiffening
  • The folding trick that keeps your spine in the proper position
  • Six stretches that protect the muscles from stiffening

The Shoulder Pain Twitch

Shoulder pain emanates from several injuries, including tendonitis and arthritis. The movements in this program protect your shoulders from pain and make them mobile.

Final Word

Release-Rebalance Program is a series of quick and straightforward movements to combat lower back and hip pain. The maker, Brian Schwabe, claims that the six activities fight the root cause of hip and back pain, i.e., Muscle Lock, thus providing relief. The Release-Rebalance Program is affordable and comes with a 60-days money-back warranty.

Performing the six movements takes less than nine minutes, and you can notice significant results in less than three days. However, it is best to get medical guidance before using Brian Schwabe’s pain solution.

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