Ranking the Top 10 Best CBD Oil Supplements Money Can Buy

If you’ve been looking for the best CBD oils, chances are you have been overwhelmed by the hundreds –if not thousands- of CBD brands in the market. Choosing the most potent CBD brands without any guide can be pretty frustrating given the sheer number of self-described top CBD oils.

We are familiar with the stress of choosing the best CBD oils for your need. And to save you from the hassle of individually researching the many CBD brands, we have done all the work for you.

After hours of research, poring over CBD oil reviews, and following a rigorous process for vetting many CBD products, we have arrived at the top CBD oils to buy in 2022. If you purchase any of these CBD oils, you can be sure that you’re getting high-quality products that have been independently tested and proven to be beneficial for your needs.

The Best CBD Oil Products for 2022

  • Charlotte’s Web
  • SomaLeaf
  • XWerks CBD Oil
  • Premium Jane CBD Brand
  • CBDPure
  • JointRestore Gummies by Prosper Wellness
  • Joy Organics CBD Products
  • CBDFx
  • Populum CBD Company
  • CBDistillery
  • Sunday Scaries CBD Products

Charlotte’s Web


As a leading CBD products brand, Charlotte’s Web has been around since the early days of the CBD industry. The reputable CBD company produces some of the finest CBD products.

Based in Colorado, the company boasts of using very rigorous and ultra-high standard processes to produce some of the best CBD oils and CBD-infused products in the market.

Charlotte’s Web has a reputation for putting people first. When the company first started, the Stanley Brothers manufactured and gave out their CBD oils to people who needed the oils for free. And while they charge for their product now, they have a charity organization to which they donate percentages of their proceeds.

Charlotte’s Web is arguably the most trusted and reliable CBD brand in the world today. They have a wide range of CBD products, including CBD oils, topicals, gummies, and capsules, among others.



SomaLeaf is a CBD oil brand committed to helping people enjoy the best of health. As a result, they formulated and manufactured one of the top CBD products to aid better health. This is their turmeric-infused CBD oil. Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, while CBD oils are known for calming and relaxing qualities.

A combination of these properties is bound to lower stress, reduce the production of cortisol, and put you in a relaxed state. This can do wonders for you as it can lower the risk of cardiovascular conditions and improve your overall well-being.

SomaLeaf states that they can ensure that the product is delivered explicitly to targeted body parts thanks to the “liposomal formula.” Another great thing about SomaLeaf is they are entirely transparent about their process.

You’ll have full access to their CBD oils test results, where you can easily see each product batch’s potency and purity. With SomaLeaf, customers can get CBD oil and turmeric’s preventative and restorative benefits.

XWerks CBD Oil


XWerks is a famous health supplements manufacturer that also makes CBD oil. So, if the name sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve heard of them before. Their high-quality CBD oils are highly rated among users.

Each serving of XWerks’ CBD oil contains between 20mg and 33mg of CBD oil, terpenes, cannabinoids, and other naturally occurring ingredients. All CBD oils are extracted from hemp farmed and harvested in Colorado farms.

People who use XWerks CBD oil enjoy benefits like stress and anxiety relief, relaxation and calmness, improved anti-inflammatory benefits, and more. Their CBD oil is manufactured according to the high standards that XWerks is known for.

Premium Jane CBD Brand


This CBD brand specifically caters to individuals looking for very high-quality and premium CBD products. And Premium Jane delivers on all these with CBD oils, capsules, gummies, edibles, bath bombs, topicals, and pet-related CBD products.

As one of the leading CBD product companies in the market, Premium Jane’s offerings are among the best CBD products. All Premium Jane’s CBD products are produced from hemp grown in nutrient-rich soils. The company’s products are formulated to help improve individual wellness and health. They also make delta-8 CBD products.

Premium Jane also sells CBD in bulk. This is great for people looking to get into the CBD business without necessarily owning or sourcing the products. With this, you can buy in bulk and private-label the brand for your business.



CBDPure is one of the most popular CBD oil brands in the market. This CBD brand has one goal: to manufacture and produce the purest and most potent CBD oil and products.

CBDPure’s CBD products usually contain full-spectrum cannabinoids thanks to the cold-pressed Co2 extraction process that the company uses. All CBD products manufactured by this company are all-natural and organic.

This is possible because the company has a comprehensive process to vet all the hemp plants that they use. These plants are grown in pure, untainted soils in Colorado and Washington.

These farms are farmed and managed by local farmers in these areas. Every phase is thoroughly monitored and rigorously screened from the planting to the packaging to ensure that customers get nothing but pure and high-quality CBD products.

As with all reputable CBD brands, the entire process is transparent, with their products being independently tested in third-party labs. CBDPure has a wide range of CBD products, including CBD creams, oils, and CBD soft gels. They also have CBD products for your pets.

JointRestore Gummies by Prosper Wellness


This CBD oil is meant to support joint health. So, it’s excellent for individuals suffering from joint-related health issues. JointRestore Gummies contain ingredients like CBD oil and Boswellia serrata extract, which both help soothe and relax you while supporting your joint’s health.

Prosper Wellness claims that the JointRestore Gummy contains 200mg of Boswellia serrata extract and 20mg of CBD. However, unlike other CBD companies that offer a wide range of CBD products, Prosper Wellness has only the high-quality JointRestore Gummies targeted at improving joint health.

So, if you have any form of joint pain or ache and are looking for a natural pain relief option, you should try JointRestore Gummies by Prosper Wellness.

Joy Organics CBD Products


As one of the more established CBD brands globally, Joy Organics produces high-quality CBD products. The reputable CBD company is USDA certified, which means that their broad and full-spectrum CBD products have that assurance of quality.

Joy Organics offers a wide range of CBD products, including CBD tinctures, gummies, soft gels, CBD products for pets, and others. These come in a wide array of pleasant flavors like Strawberries & Champagne, Fresh Lime, and Topical Sunrise.

Joy Organics has been around as long as other known reputable CBD brands like Charlotte’s Web. So, you’re sure of the quality and standard of CBD products that you get from the CBD brand.



If you’re looking for a wide range of CBD products from one of the best-known CBD brands in the market, then you should check out CBDFx’s line of products. CBDFx produces CBD oils, creams, gummies, drinks, pills, bath bombs, pet products, and much more.

This makes it an excellent option for people who want variety in their CBD products while still taking full advantage of the full spectrum of CBD benefits. The company has rigorous extraction standards, using the single-pass CO2 extraction protocol to produce some of the best CBD oil grades in the market.

This is possible because of the company’s medical advisory board, which has both an internist and a dermatologist. The company has very high and rigorous standards that help ensure they produce nothing but the best CBD product batches.

The CBDFx brand is so sure of the quality of their products that they’re willing to offer customers a 60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Populum CBD Company


Some of the CBD products in the market are acquired or sourced from questionable sources. Arizona-based Populum aims to combat this and ensure that they only produce clean high-grade CBD oils, rubs, and topicals that are ethically sourced, pure, and taint-free.

This multiple award-winning company is a luxury CBD brand that has positioned itself as one of the topmost premium CBD brands in the market. All their CBD products are homegrown here in the US and are some of the best in the world.

This is due to their very rigorous testing standards –their products undergo triple testing to ensure their quality and purity. This is different from the usual one-time testing that most CBD brands do.

Every CBD product offered by the company comes with a 30-day free trial. This allows you to use the product for 30 days, and if you are unsatisfied in any way, you can cancel, and the company will not bill you.



CBDistillery is another top CBD oil brand that produces high-quality pure and infused CBD oils for maximum benefits. The company has CBD oil-based products like the relaxation blend, energy blend, and mushroom blend.

The CBD oil is extracted from taint-free non-GMO hemp and is designed to help improve your sense of well-being. CBDistillery also offers a wide range of CBD-infused products like their CBD gummies, topicals, skincare products, powders, drink mix, CBD edibles for pets, and others.

Unlike other companies with set dosages, CBDistillery provides custom dosages, which means that users can get even higher CBD oil doses to take advantage of and enjoy maximum benefits.

Sunday Scaries CBD Products


If you’re looking for a reputable CBD company that produces high-quality CBD edibles and gummies, then Sunday Scaries is the right choice. This CBD company is solely focused on making the process of taking CBD fun, delicious, and convenient. And what better way to do this than making tasty CBD edibles that anyone can eat on the go.

With its CBD candies, gummies, and oils, people can enjoy the benefits of great-tasting CBD products at their convenience. These products include Big Spoon, Vegan AF gummies, and Side Piece Bundle. These products are designed to help improve your well-being, relieve anxiety, and aid sleep.

Our Ranking Criteria for The Best CBD Oils

Most CBD oil producers often have high praise for their products. Unfortunately, not all of these claims are true. The majority of CBD product brands only have good sales and marketing teams.

Their CBD products aren’t necessarily the best in the market. To save you from hours and hours of research, we did a ton of research and ultimately came up with this list of the best CBD products to buy. Our ranking process includes:

Transparent Lab Testing

The best CBD companies have transparent testing protocols that anyone can independently verify. Their product batch information can be readily accessed. Most importantly, look out for vital information regarding testing for pesticides, cannabinoids, and microorganisms and ensure that the data from the third-party independent labs correspond with what’s on the CBD product’s label.

Value for Money

We specifically chose CBD oils and products that provided the best value for money. Whatever your budget, you’ll find that there’s at least one CBD product that matches it on this list. And we made sure that every CBD oil on this list is safe and highly effective.

Required Authentications

The top CBD brands have products that are Organic Certified. This is historically very difficult to do in the CBD industry. But most of the CBD products on this list have the proper certifications and are considered authentic. So, if you need a list of the best Organic Certified CBD oils and products in the market, this list contains everything you need.

Carrier Oils

Most CBD brands have to rely on certain carrier oils to help improve the absorption of CBD into the bloodstream and to target specific parts of the body. The most common carrier oil is coconut (MCT) oil.

CBD Dosage

An optimal amount of CBD has to be taken per dose to get the most out of a CBD oil, gummy, tincture, or capsule. However, please note that dosages tend to influence the price of a CBD product. For instance, a CBD oil with 2500mg per bottle will be more expensive than one with just 300mg in the same bottle size. Our list includes a wide range of dosages so that you can choose the best ones for your situation.

Multiple CBD Forms

Some of the best CBD brands have a wide range of options to choose from. Buyers can select full-spectrum oils or tinctures, gummies, edibles, bath bombs, capsules, soft gels, topicals, and many more.

Real and True Benefits

There are far too many CBD products with fake promises and untrue claims. These false claims have caused people to lose hope in CBD. This article only included companies promoting legitimate benefits. The reality is that CBD isn’t the miracle cure-all that many companies portray. There’s a limit to what it can do. The result can vary depending on an individual’s body type or physiological composition.

Pleasant Flavor or Taste

Many people can’t handle the raw or “earthy” taste that CBD oils have. Thankfully, many other CBD oils and products with lovely natural flavors are a delight to take. We prefer CBD oils that have a mild pleasant taste.

Good Packaging

While the packaging doesn’t affect taste or effectiveness, the reality is many people love well-packaged products with good aesthetic appeal. The top CBD companies understand this, so they have attractive packages that people like.

Warranty and Assurances

People who don’t like their CBD oils or don’t think that the oil is effective should have the right to return it. Most, if not all, of the CBD brands on this list offer assurances in the form of a money-back guarantee if customers don’t like the CBD product or find it ineffective.

Top 5 Benefits of Taking CBD Oil

CBD oil is often touted as a “miracle” supplement. As a result, you’ll find people recommending it as a treatment for everything from epilepsy to arthritis.

But are these claims valid? Does CBD oil work for everything? This section of the article will examine the top benefits of CBD oil. This way, you’ll have more realistic expectations.

Might Help Relieve Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are among the world’s topmost mental health problems, with millions dealing with them daily.

While there are conventional treatment options like anti-anxiety pills, antidepressants, and behavior modification, people seek natural alternatives that are just as effective and have none of the side effects of conventional medications.

Thankfully, potent CBD products have been known to help people become calm, relaxed, and less anxious. CBD is also prevalent for its mood-enhancing properties. Taking CBD oils, topicals, gummies, edibles, and other product forms can help ease these symptoms, making you feel better and more in control of your life and emotions.

So, if you’re naturally anxious, tightly wound, constantly worrying, or feeling blue, and are seeking an alternative natural treatment protocol, try taking the recommended doses of CBD oil.

Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Pain is usually caused by inflammation, which means that if you can find a way to minimize it, you won’t be in so much pain. While inflammation in minor or moderate amounts is generally good for recovery –it’s how the body heals and repairs itself- the reality is that prolonged or systemic inflammation can be counterproductive.

Taking CBD frequently can help counteract the effects of this inflammation, thus reducing your pain. Ancient men often used cannabis to relieve pain and ease their suffering. So, CBD’s pain relief properties are nothing new. They’ve been proven over multiple millennia.

However, unlike in the past, where it was consumed with the THC compound, and people had to endure the psychedelic effects, CBD is extracted from modern cannabis and does a great job of pain relief without feeling “high.”

So, people in considerable pain can try some of the CBD oils in this list to relieve their pain and anguish. Many people have used it and have reported significant relief from all sorts of pain, including nerve and joint pains.

Improved Sleep

Insomnia, whether chronic, acute, or occasional, is a silent epidemic that affects millions of people. Every night, millions of Americans struggle to get the sleep they sorely deserve. So, they use sleeping aids and pills to help them sleep better.

Unfortunately, some of these drugs have side effects like mental fog the next day, grogginess, or cognitive impairment. For many, these side effects are too debilitating and often affect them adversely.

CBD oils have been known to help the body produce more melatonin –the sleep hormone- so that individuals can get enough sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested.

People who take CBD products to help improve their sleep have found great results from using them. So, if you have any form of insomnia and want a natural sleep remedy, try CBD products.

Epileptic Seizures

CBD became more popular when the father of a young girl with a unique type of epilepsy came out and said that CBD helped reduce the frequency of his daughter’s seizures.

While her case was different because of the type of epilepsy, it prompted a team of multiple researchers to look into CBD’s effectiveness in inhibiting or reducing certain types of seizures. This has resulted in the FDA approving CBD to treat some rare seizures.

Besides that, multiple studies have shown that CBD can help epileptic patients for whom regular medications don’t work anymore.

Recovery from Addiction

Addicts seeking ways to break their addiction can use CBD for that purpose. Studies show that CBD can help ease or stop addiction to opioids, tobacco, and other stimulants.

Cons of Taking CBD Oil

While CBD oil is generally safe and suitable for most individuals, some take it with little or no results. However, CBD oil can produce excellent results when taken according to the recommended dosages.

Apart from this, there are little or no known adverse side effects that CBD products have. If you have a health condition and consider taking CBD oil or products, consult your physician first.

Also, please note that CBD products are considered supplements and not medication in the traditional sense of the word. The only CBD-based medicine that has been expressly approved to treat health conditions is Epidiolex.

This is used in treating a couple of rare epilepsies like Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Best Ways to Take CBD Oil to Get Great Results

These days, CBD is available in many forms. From CBD oils and tinctures to CBD edibles, there are many ways you can take CBD and get the most benefits.

For instance, if you’re taking CBD oil or tinctures, the best way to get it into the blood is to put drops underneath your tongue so it’s directly absorbed into your bloodstream. This is faster, more effective, and eliminates the need for the body to digest the CBD compounds in the stomach.

If you’re using CBD topicals or ointments, the best way to get the result you want is by applying it to the local area. For example, if you’re using it for joint pains, it’s best to apply it topically to the joint to get relief.

CBD gummies and other edibles can also deliver sustained and prolonged results if you chew them periodically. And if you want, you can also vape the oils. Just remember to take the CBD according to the recommended doses.

And give it time. Many people take it once or twice and give up because they didn’t get the results they wanted instantly. Depending on your situation and how you take it, you may have to be patient.

To work effectively, CBD has to become bioavailable in the body. And it takes time for that to happen. So, start with smaller doses and build up to higher doses until you get the results you want.

Best CBD Oils and Products FAQs

This section covers all frequently asked questions about CBD oils, gummies, edibles, topicals, and CBD for pets.

Q: Does CBD help relieve pain?

A: Yes, it does when it’s taken in the right amounts. If you need instant relief from joint or physical pain, get CBD topical ointments and apply directly to the spot with the ache or pain.

Q: Is CBD safe for consumption?

A: Yes, it is. But as with all supplements, it has to be taken in moderation and according to the recommended doses.

Q: Is taking CBD legal?

A: Yes, it is. CBD is a perfectly legal substance even in states that have banned hemp. Most CBD oils have less than 0.3 percent of THC, the actual banned substance. But to be sure, check the list of states that allow CBD sales and see if yours is included.

Q: What’s the optimal CBD dosage?

A: Every CBD product comes with recommended dosages per serving. Take the product in keeping with the required dosages. If you’re concerned about taking too much, we’ll recommend starting with smaller doses and then building up to higher doses.

Q: Will I get high from taking CBD?

A: If it has a negligible amount of THC in it –ideally 0.3 percent- you won’t get high. It’s the THC that gets people high.

Q: Will CBD show up on a drug test?

A: if you’re worried that it might show up on a drug test, just buy CBD products with zero THC. Most drug tests target and look for THC levels in the body. So, if you have one without any THC, it won’t show up.

Q: Will CBD oil work for chronic pain?

A: Yes, it will help ease chronic pain mainly when taken in the recommended dose.

Q: Which CBD brand is the best?

A: Many customers love CBD brands like Populum, Premium Jane, Charlotte’s Web, Joy Organics, and many of the brands listed in this article. The brands listed here are generally considered the best CBD brands that you can buy.

Q: What’s the difference between full-spectrum CBD oil and broad-spectrum CBD oils?

A: Full-spectrum contains cannabinoids, terpenes, and some THC, while broad-spectrum CBD oil has the same cannabinoids and terpenes but no THC. If you’re worried about THC showing up on drug tests or don’t want any THC in your body, you should buy broad-spectrum CBD oils.

Q: Is CBD oil different from hemp oil?

A: Yes. CBD oil is extracted from the stems, leaves, flowers, and buds of the marijuana plant, while hemp oil is extracted from the seeds.

Q: Can I travel with CBD oil?

A: Well, that depends. If you’re traveling to another state where hemp is illegal, only take CBD oils with no THC. The same applies to air travel to other states or countries. Look up the regulations regarding hemp and pack it as you would regular oils. If you need to, declare it at the check-in counter, mainly if your CBD oil contains THC.

The Best CBD Oil Products for 2022 Conclusion

The best CBD oils to buy in 2022 have already been listed in this article. Just choose the one that you prefer and take it.

The CBD oils and products here come in different forms, flavors, and sizes and can be used by humans and pets. Take your time to visit these websites and choose the best CBD oil or brand for yourself, a loved one, or your pets.

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