Purple Garden Review: Best Psychic Reading Site to Know Your Horoscope

Brand Overview: Purple Garden

Purple Garden is a psychic reading site that allows you to connect with readers and psychics easily. It has a mobile app too that is available for Android and iOS. On this platform, you can chat, make video calls, and listen to voice readings from some of the best psychics in the industry. The Purple Garden site has sister sites named Purple Ocean and Bitwine Psychics. Purple Ocean is suitable for those who don’t need detailed answers. Instead, the site answers one or two quick questions with faster video readings.

The mobile app of Purple Garden is straightforward to use and offers a smooth browsing experience. The app gives you quick and easy access to thoughtful answers regarding various aspects of life. You can know more about your love life, career, financial status, and loved ones.

Purple Garden helps reduce the gap between psychics and the internet so that people get a more convenient way for a psychic reading. You’ll learn about everything on this platform, from relationship secrets to fortune-telling. The expert readers on this platform have 5-star ratings, and thus, it is easy to locate the most reliable readers. Read further this Purple Garden review for more interesting information about this top psychic reading site.


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  • Live chat and calling
  • User-friendly interface
  • Face-to-face video sessions
  • New user credit
  • Customer referral program
  • Variety of psychic reading styles
  • Comprehensive psychic profiles
  • Multiple readers
  • Plenty of reading techniques and tools


  • Glitches in the app
  • Different pricing for chats, calls, and video
  • No informative blog

Is Purple Garden a Reliable Tarot Card Reading Platform?

With little information about psychic tests and no information blogs, you must think if this website is reliable. You might be a newbie visiting a psychic reading platform, but there’s a lot of exciting stuff for you here.

The first thing that makes Purple Garden a reliable website is that there is a massive number of psychic readers. It has an extensive directory of readers and advisors whom you can connect with. Moreover, it has a well-designed mobile app for both Android and iOS. The mobile app is much better and easier to use than the desktop version. Thus, it allows you to connect to other readers too while you’re on the go.

Purple Garden has been developed by a reputable company that provides psychic services. The website uses advanced encryption techniques to keep the users’ information safe and secure. The platform also takes adequate measures for the protection of its users. It requires the advisors and readers on its platform to follow its guidelines and policies. In addition, the people behind Purple Garden monitor the calls and keep checking the reader reviews. They have a fair refund policy, and their application process is transparent.

How is Purple Garden Psychics Different from Other Spiritual Reading Sites?

Purple Garden is the most affordable one compared to other psychic reading sites. The per-minute psychic reading service charges are shallow and are available via chat, phone, or video call. Purple Garden has quickly gained popularity among psychic readers because of its competitive pricing strategy. Apart from that, the following are the remarkable features that make it stand out in the crowd:

Video Call, Live Chat, and Voice Call: You get these three options after setting up the account to connect to a psychic of your choice. The variety of options for communication is beneficial as it helps the users pick one that is the most convenient.

Video Introductions: If you click on the profile pictures of readers, you can also view their video introductions. The video introduction short clip explains the readers’ skillset, expertise, and gifts. It also gives a feel of the psychic so that you can make your decision.

Maximum Accuracy: The top accuracy feature highlights the psychic readers that are the most popular experts in the field. This way, it gets more accessible for the users to pick the best readers.

Filter to Choose Psychics: At Purple Garden, you can choose the psychics through the filter feature. You have to click on the filter symbol, and the app will narrow down your options for psychics according to your choice.

Frequent Discount Codes and Promo Credits: Purple Garden offers regular discount codes and promo credits to make your journey more fruitful. Moreover, there is a 5% cash back program for monthly account credit.

Purple Garden Tarot Spread Unique Features

The Purple Garden app takes psychic reading to another level. What’s more, there are some features on the mobile app which you won’t find on the desktop version. One such unique feature is ‘Journeys.’ The ‘Journeys’ feature is for those who want to share their experience at Purple Garden. Users here state how the app helped them and guided them in making various life decisions. It is a place where you can go through other users’ stories and experiences with Purple Garden.

The ‘Journeys’ feature throws light on different aspects of life issues, and the good thing is that you can read them for free. The users narrate other stories related to breakups, making decisions, feeling sad or stressed, finding love, relationship issues, soulmates, infidelity, career problems, etc.

They describe their condition before using Purple Garden and how the platform helped them be where they are now. You can also express your story on this platform so that others can read about you. The ‘Journeys’ feature is present on the main menu, and you can click on it and enter the world of stories and user experiences.

Types of Horoscope Reading Offered by Purple Garden Fortune Tellers

Numerous psychic readings are available on Purple Garden. There are eight categories of readings offered on the platform. There are subcategories within these eight categories: career advice, spiritual advising, energy healing, life coaching, and more. The main categories are right there on the main menu, which is as follows:

  • Tarot Reading

You’ll get multiple options when you’re looking for a tarot reader. Many psychics specialize in unique types of tarot reading, including Nouveau and Egyptian. The tarot readers provide highly accurate details about a person’s life, and they will help you find information about the past, present, and future using the cards and the images on them.

Tarot reading will also help you develop a sense of timing to move your life onto a better path according to the upcoming changes in life. A tarot reader uses tarot cards as tools to connect to the person’s spirit and gets to know about the information that could be helpful for you.

  • Psychic Readings

In this category, you can choose a psychic reading to get guidance on different aspects of life, such as love, career, and money. A psychic can perform readings and then provide information to you. The psychic ability helps a psychic see and hear things around you through the energy surrounding you. A psychic often gets dreams or blurry visions related to you, and then they use skills to come to a point and interpret the dream.

The more experienced and highly rated a psychic is, the better you’ll get understanding and insights related to your life. A good psychic reader will help you make several important decisions in your life.

  • Relationship Coaching

If you’re having a hard time in your relationship, you should choose Relationship Coaching at Purple Garden. This option will help you solve relationship issues such as getting into a new relationship, getting out of a relationship, or developing an understanding with someone. In short, Relationship Coaching is the name given to ‘love psychic.’

The psychics in the Relationship Coaching category have exceptional love and relationship advice skills. A skillful and expert psychic or relationship coach will help you maintain good relationships and connect to your soulmates.

  • Palm Readings

Palm Readers have a unique skill, and they have a unique ability to tell you about your past, present, and future. Though most of us believe that only God knows what will happen in the future, palm readers might help you have a glimpse of the upcoming possibilities. They can’t predict the future but can come up with valuable insights so that you can choose a life path.

A palm reader has to see your hands to produce findings of your life aspects. You can show your palm to the reader through a picture or video call. After seeing your palm, they will tell you about the changes in your life and in which direction your life is heading.

  • Astrology and Horoscopes

Astrology and horoscopes are interesting as they give detailed insights into your personality, traits, and everything related to your life. An astrologist tells you about your personality traits and your future using your zodiac signs. You’ll have to provide information like the time, day, and date of your birth. An astrologist will develop a birth chart to determine your horoscope then.

Using your birth chart, an astrologist interprets your stars’ information. A birth chart is a complex thing that you won’t understand by just looking at it. However, an astrologist has the skills to read through it and extract useful information from it. An astrologist also uses a horoscope which is a personal life map. A horoscope helps predict various things in life, for example, any challenges you’re going to face.

  • Oracle Guidance

The Oracle Guidance category has special psychics who use spirituality to throw light on various aspects of your life. The psychics use oracle cards similar to tarot cards, but they are easier to understand. A tarot card is more complex, and only an experienced reader understands the message. On the other hand, oracle cards don’t have many different meanings.

Oracle guidance also includes crystal reading, crystal ball readings, Runes, and I-ching. Examples of oracle cards include psychic oracle cards or angel oracle cards.

  • Angel Insights

With the Angel Insights option, you can communicate with your loved ones that have passed away. This is similar to what you’ve seen in movies; yes, you’re right! There are trained and expert psychics who help you connect to the angels around you. Many people use this information to get guidance in their life. It allows you to connect to the energy of the beings around us but cannot be perceived. This category is helpful for those who are healing or are going through a difficult phase in life.

  • Dream Analysis

One of the best things about Purple Garden is that it connects you to a dream analysis expert through a very convenient medium. You can make a phone call and talk to a dream analyst for consultation. So if you wake up from a dream that you can’t interpret, it is better to tell a psychic all the information about your vivid imagination. A psychic will help you analyze your dreams and decode the information or message present in your subconscious mind.

In some cases, your dream is from your unconscious mind, and it’s trying to tell you about something. For example, to help you overcome your fears or move on from something. However, you can’t understand all that because you can’t interpret your dreams. A dream analyst specializes in this field, and they can help you give meaning to your dreams. Dreams are a good way through which your subconscious mind communicates with you.

How Does Purple Garden Psychic Reading Website Work?

Purple Garden is a straightforward platform. The website is easy-to-use, and you can access the categories on the main screen. It is essential to read the terms and conditions before starting with the psychic reading. To understand how all this works, go through the following:

  • How Does Purple Garden Work?

Purple Garden is easy and free to start. You need an email address and a password to create an account. After creating an account, you can sign up to either the mobile app or desktop site. However, on the desktop site, you’ll be able to take part in readings only through chats. The Purple Garden platform is mobile-focused, and it is easier to navigate on the mobile app.

Once you find a reader of your choice, you can select whether you want to connect to them via chat, call, or video. One thing to note is that not all psychics offer all the options to communicate. To connect to a Purple Garden psychic, you’ll also need to mention the duration for which you’d like to talk. The minimum duration to talk is five minutes, and the maximum period is 60 minutes. In addition, the prices for all the durations of communication are present on the platform.

If you have paid for more duration, but you figure out later that you need less time, you can hang up the call. The extra amount you’ve paid will be credited to your account. Another good feature at Purple Garden is that you can make the settings to get a notification when your psychic is online.

  • Purple Garden Application

You need to download the app and create an account to start psychic reading. Just click on the different categories and choose one. You can read more about them by reading the reviews. Purple Garden has made it easier to create an account using Facebook, Google, Apple, or email addresses. After completing your account using an email and password, you must fund your account. You can fund your account using PayPal, debit card, or credit card. Once you’ve funded your account, you can now access all the features of the Purple Garden app.

  • Easy to Use interface

Purple Garden has a very user-friendly interface. If you’re a newbie, you won’t find any difficulty navigating through it. With their clean interface, you’ll be able to spend more time reading the reviews, browsing the categories, and communicating with the psychics. You can select a psychic by clicking on a category or the filter button. When you set up the account, you also have to enter your mobile number, which the app can use to connect you to a reader.

  • Easy Payment and Clear Pricing

Once you have set up your account and funded it, the app automatically deducts the amount when choosing a psychic and communicating with them. After money authorization, you can immediately start talking or chatting with the psychic.

  • The Psychics

Purple Garden has a vast network of psychics. The best thing about this app is that it has introductory videos for all the psychics. These videos are very helpful in getting you an idea of the psychic, and it feels like you have a live video with them. The psychics have photos of them, too, along with their video messages so that you are more familiar with the physic before choosing. You can also see the review stats, ratings, and reviewer comments related to a particular psychic.

  • Screening of Psychics

Purple Garden screens the psychic readers and advisors according to their standards and guidelines. According to the guidelines at Purple Garden, the psychics have to prove their experience, gifts, skills, and professional background. The screening of psychics also includes video test reading, work-related accomplishments, and certification or resume of qualification. If the psychics do not clear the screening, they aren’t allowed to do readings on the platform.

  • Guarantees

Purple Garden doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of the psychic advisors, but they do have a refund policy. If you aren’t satisfied with the service, you can contact the support team within three days, and you’ll get a refund. However, the policy of Purple Garden states that there are no guaranteed refunds, and this is because the platform doesn’t have any guarantee of what the psychic readers’ advice or share with you.

To get a refund, you must include all the relevant details, such as the reader’s details, date, and time. You should also mention the reason for getting a refund. Once you’ve submitted the information, customer service will contact you and review your problem.

Purple Garden states that refunds can be complete or partial, depending on the company. The website doesn’t display how and on what terms the refund is acceptable. The refund can be either in real-time money or credit. Moreover, there is no clear statement on the length of time to respond to a refund request.

Though the guarantees are not strong enough, you can reduce the risk by choosing a twenty-minute reading time.

  • Cost and Overall Service

The price at Purple Garden depends on the Psychics; they have set their prices on the platform. However, the most common price point is $2.99 per month. The average range is from $0.99 to $14.99 per minute, and most of the readers charge between $5 and $10 per minute. There are no introductory rates, but there is 5% cashback on all your purchases. However, the amount that you earn through cashback expires every six months. Thus, it is better to use it for readings.

When it comes to the overall service of this platform, the team is doing an excellent job at Purple Garden. If you need any assistance, the customer service team will assist you regarding any issues you face. You can also go through the FAQs section, and if you don’t find your query there, you can also drop a message. You can go to the ‘Contact Support’ on the contact support page, where you’ll have to fill out the contact form. To solve the issue, you have to attach screenshots and images.

The team at Purple Garden is trying its best to improve the user experience. They are working hard to reduce the risks involved with a psychic reading. The company is trying its best to make the user experience fun and interesting. The ‘Journey’ feature is quite helpful in reading about the experience of other users on the platform.

Apart from the pros, some things need consideration too. For example, there should be more clear statements regarding the refund policy. Moreover, the company should be transparent about how they screen the psychics.

Which Tarot Reader to Choose From Purple Garden?

There are many experienced and skilled psychics at Purple Garden, but some of them are our favorites. If you are confused about picking the right psychic, go through our top picks:

  • Spiritual Elaine

According to customer reviews, people find much comfort with Elaine. Elaine is an experienced psychic, and she not only specializes in tarot or psychic readings but also provides pendulum readings. Pendulum readings are good for quick answers if you want just a yes or no to your questions. Elaine is a trustworthy psychic, and she’ll help you choose the right path for yourself.

  • Psychic Ken

Psychic Ken joined the platform in 2018 and has completed almost 14,000 readings. He specializes in love and relationships, finances, marriage, career, and mending broken hearts. His accuracy and consistency have earned him a top accuracy label. He charges $4.99 on chats. Unfortunately, he does not offer his services in video calls or phone calls.

  • Onikah

Onikah has a 5-star rating on Purple Garden, and she specializes in relationships and love-related problems. She has done more than 9,000 readings and is one of the most expensive psychic readers at Purple Garden. She charges $13.99 per minute and performs crystal, tarot, and energy reading. Onikah is very accurate in her readings, and for this reason, she has earned the ‘top accuracy label.’

  • Psychic Willow

Psychic Willow is another highly talented psychic reader with a 5-star reading. She has performed more than 30,000 readings on this platform. Psychic Willow specializes in Egyptian tarot and performs readings for love and relationships. She charges $7.99 per minute and offers her readings through chat, phone, and video calls.

  • Paul85

Paul85 is a top-rated psychic reader who has been on the platform since 2020. During this period, he had managed to complete over 20,000 readings. With such a large number of readings, he has earned a 5-star with thousands of positive reviews. His profile is pretty detailed, and you can get everything you need to know before you contact him. He offers his services via chat, video, and phone call.

  • Sagest

Sagest is a life coaching expert and is known to be very kind and helpful. She is a high-rated psychic and can help you with various aspects of life. According to a customer review, Sagest always helps feel better about any current situation in life. She deals with all her customers with love and wisdom and is a perfect read for those who need detailed explanations.

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Wrap Up: How Accurate are these Tarot Readings?

Purple Garden has been around for quite some time and is now a popular psychic platform. The majority of the psychics on this platform have high ratings, showing that most people are satisfied with their readings. The good thing is that Purple Garden doesn’t delete any negative reviews, so that users know every aspect related to the platform. This also means that the reviews on this psychic reading app are genuine and reliable.

The psychic reading platform has a well-designed app that allows you to connect to a psychic advisor. Talking to a psychic advisor or reader, you can overcome various challenges in life and make impactful decisions. The app also aims to provide live video readings so that the users feel more connected and get a personalized experience. The feature of live video readings makes the users feel like they are meeting the psychic in person and give a more fulfilling experience.

Purple Garden allows you to save a lot and get more benefits from the readings with promo codes, cashback, and referral awards. Hope this Purple Garden review has helped you to narrow down your choice for the best psychic reading site.

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