Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychics Sites Of 2022

During uncertain times, it isn’t uncommon for people to seek advice and clarification from the best psychic reading online services. Whether you’re having trouble with your job, your love life, or even your future, the best psychics in the industry can give you all the information and motivation you need to make smart decisions.

Free psychic reading online could help confirm what you may already know, or provide you with a whole new perspective that you may have never considered before, or perhaps even help you make necessary adjustments if you have difficulties ahead.

We recommend that you give your life a whole new light by opting for these experienced psychic readings from one of the best psychic reading online websites on the internet. But before we can delve deeper into our reviews, we’re going to first explain what these best psychics may have in store for you.

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Why Should You Consider Online Psychic Readings?

Our thought processes and psychology helps enlighten everything based on what circumstances we are surrounded by. To understand the right choices and decisions to deal with these situations, many people heed the expertise of free psychic readings. This is so because they help snatch the perfect solutions for our inexplicable inquiries.

Best psychics, psychic readers, or psychic specialists have the ability to inform us about whatever we may be thinking about or whatever is causing so much stress that we can’t see clearly anymore.

For instance, best online psychic readings can help:

Acquire a Future Pathway

It is a known fact that nobody really knows what will happen in the future. The best psychics out there, however, can give you a sneak peek into what to expect by foreseeing them via many individual, logical, and cosmic factors. Rest assured, online psychic reading has nothing to do with magic or targeted guessing. Instead, you might be amazed at how accurate these inconspicuous elements really turn out to be.

It is very common for us to be overwhelmed while making life-altering decisions, and oftentimes, it can be quite testing to simply consider all our options. In addition, whenever you are unsure of what the future holds for you and you can’t find any alternatives for a particular activity, you may begin sensing the feeling of being stuck.

To rescue you from your own paranoia, online psychic readings can be really helpful. A certified psychic can easily manage you by outlining your life and assisting you in picking the best choices to pursue. The best psychics could also peep into your future and paint you a picture with their wisdom so you can influence your decisions with absolute certainty.

psychic reading online are perfect if you would like to educate yourself about your own future, whether it is for the coming days, weeks or even months. This could assist you in making confident decisions and fathoming your outcomes more thoroughly.

Let’s say for instance, that the best psychics you find tell you that the chances of a change in vocation could require a high likelihood of being in a fruitful relationship by the end of the year. If this is the case, you will have your motivation to make a decision that supports the prediction.

Within no time, you will start searching for available job positions or perhaps even working to improve your abilities beforehand. In other words, the spiritual disclosure will have allowed you to take all the necessary steps to move toward your objectives.

Divert Your Decisions

Do you find yourself stuck in a massive issue? You might even think that you have no clue how to come out of it. On the other hand, you may also believe that your current path of life wasn’t really cut out for you. If you can relate to any of this, online psychic readings may be what you need.

You may have encountered a couple of Error 404 pages in your time and you also know that this error means that your browser cannot access a particular webpage. Essentially, the page is no longer available at a given address, which is why you are diverted to another page that works.

This is exactly how best psychic reading online by phone work or chat psychics work. They assess your situation and divert you from your current situation to a better one by granting you a novel perspective.

This reading will uncover various perspectives on just one issue so you can have the details and clarity required to have a decision surface right before you. Therefore, you will have an opportunity to tackle this particular issue a lot more easily.

Get Your Decisions Validated

It may be possible that you feel like you are slanted towards a particularly extreme choice but are still faced with the predicament about whether it is going to be the right choice to take. Indeed, online psychic readings can help you here as well.

A real psychic will help you in one way or another to arrive naturally at the best choice possible. This is because of the fact that these best psychics provide you with an insight into your future so you can access your decisions more clearly and handle troubling issues with your work, family, relationships, or society as a whole.

Determine Favorable Environments

There are a couple of reasons why so many people are attracted to free online psychic readings by phone, chat psychics or live psychics. Primarily, this is because they find themselves in a very agreeable environment where they wouldn’t upset anyone or fear that their secrets will spread like wildfire.

In whichever medium you choose, there will be 2 individuals who will have a discussion, and all the details of the discussion will remain confidential. This seal of secrecy is guaranteed regardless of whether you choose a modest website or the best online psychics on the internet.

If you’re a newbie, the promise of confidentiality makes the principal experience a lot more unwinding and comfortable. What makes the entire experience even better is that you will not have to leave the comfort and natural environment of your home. These factors are especially important for those in-depth readings that dig deep and grant you motivation.

In contrast, any external tensions or delays in other settings may cause readers to miss some crucial points. Then again, you wouldn’t have to travel to different locations to experience that genuine feeling of serenity. All you need to do is sit comfortably at home and let your free psychics do the rest.

Now that you’re convinced that you can benefit from some online psychic advice, it’s time for us to shed some light on where you can get the best advice for your particular situation.


  • Best Place for Psychic Advice on Love & Relationships
  • Free Psychics for the first 3 Minutes + 70% off for New Customers
  • Mobile app to connect with psychics at your fingertips

Psychic Source

  • Ideal for Psychic Advice on Career & Financials
  • Free Psychics for the first 3 minutes + 75% discount for New Customers
  • 24/7 Customer Support

California Psychics

  • Best Psychic Platform for Live Readings
  • $1/minute + 5 free minutes
  • 5-star reviews for transparency

Detailed Review: Choose the Best Online Psychic Reading Platform for Yourself

Since you came looking for a detailed review of the best psychic readings online, we’re about to take you on a short journey through three of the very best platforms in the industry. Each of these is popular for a specific purpose, which we will highlight in this section.

#1. Kasamba: The Best Free Psychic Readings for Love, Relationships, and Family Advice

If you searched for ‘psychics near me’, or ‘online psychics reading’ on Google, you’re bound to come across Kasamba somewhere at the top of the search results page. Kasamba has an excellent customer base since they have spiritually connected with over 4 million people!

Kasamba is especially known for its free psychic reading online and for being a pioneer in the online psychics community. They have a reputation in the industry for having provided 100% accurate and reliable readings ever since 1999.

Not knowing what to expect from your future can be a serious cause for concern, especially when your problems relate to your relationships and love life. Dealing with your hardships in love or seeking peace through your relationships is easy to say and hard to do. With best psychic reading online on Kasamba to be your guide, your journey is bound to become a lot easier.

Kasamba has managed to gain its customers’ trust by providing accurate and 100% reliable psychic readings. In addition, Kasamba also offers complete transparency in its service by sharing the bio and profiles of readers on its website. This will not only help the readers but also allow them to make a more informed decision. Users will, therefore, never shy away from free psychics that are very transparent and open about all their information.

Kasamba’s online psychic readings also offer some exceptional offers which you will most likely not refuse. You will have the opportunity to avail 3-mins free of your initial consultation with each new advisor.

If you’re facing some troubles in your everyday life and are looking for some professional guidance or help, Kasamba will be available to you throughout the day and week. They have a brilliant live chat option which makes it easy to connect with your choice of advisors at any given time of the day. You can just as easily schedule sessions at any other time of the day to seek the advice you’re looking for.

Kasamba’s mobile application is available on both iOS and Android and you can always stay connected with your choice of live psychics wherever you go. Their app is quite user friendly and has made it quite easy and convenient for people to navigate through their user interface. What’s more, you will also be able to use their live chat feature or consult with your favorite free psychic readings at your own convenience.

If you visit the Kasamba website or app, you are bound to come across literally thousands of positive reviews from previous customers. These reviewers serve as a testament that this platform provides top-notch reading services while also making life a lot easier for customers.

When it comes to online psychic readings by phone or online, the majority of people seem to be concerned about their confidential information being leaked to others. Lucky for you, data breaches aren’t a concern in Kasamba and most other online reading services.

However, unlike other reading platforms, Kasamba asks new sign-ups for very limited information. They also offer complete anonymity when customers book an appointment with readers so you can do your best during the session without any hesitation.

Special Offers

Very few best psychic reading online platforms offer customer satisfaction as well as Kasamba. Every newbie on the platform gets their first 3 minutes with each new advisor for free. While this is a striking deal on its own, Kasamba also offers a 70% discount for those customers who are entering into their first session. If this new customer is unhappy with the service they received, they are also offered the option to request a full refund.

Key Features: Reasons to Choose Kasamba

  • Initial 3-minutes are free for each new advisor
  • Best psychics with considerable experience
  • 100% secure payments
  • Consultation available
  • 100% accurate and reliable predictions
  • 70% discount on an initial session for new clients
  • Service charges starting at $1/minute
  • Refunds available for first time clients
  • Mobile app for live chat service (available on Google Play and App Store for iOS devices)
  • Services include tarot readings, psychic readings, love psychics, fortune telling, and personal astrology

Try Kasamba’s Free Psychics to Get Rid of Relationship Struggles and Finally Have Peace of Mind.

#2. Psychic Source: Free Psychic Readings for Vocational and Financial Readings

Psychic Source has been in the psychic reading online business ever since 1989. They have been able to complete at least 3 decades worth of world-class readings. However, what really sets them apart from their competitors is their ability to provide excellent tarot readings, psychic readings, future forecasts, love psychics, dream interpretation, horoscopes, and counselling. There’s no wonder why Psychic Source is able to attract customers from all over the globe.

The one thing that makes Psychic Source stand out from its competitors is its outstanding psychic advisors’ portfolio. They are proud to boast one of the finest, experienced and certified panel of psychic readers on their platform, providing its customers with the best of the best. Known for their empathy and friendly behavior, Psychic Source ensures that all their customers feel at home when they reach out to them for help.

They give great priority to customer satisfaction and make sure that their clients feel comfortable enough to trust them with their secrets and serious problems in life. There is no other way to mentor someone than to make them speak the truth to you. This is exactly what Psychic Source is known for.

Your friends at Psychic Source are well aware of how anxiety and depression feel like, and they are here to snap you out of it. Psychic Source takes pride in having a wide range of expert psychics on board that provide guidance related to love, career, financial decisions, past life, loss of a loved one, horoscopes, etc. The psychic readers on their platform were all chosen through a carefully vetted selection process to ensure there is no compromise in our service quality. Our best psychic reading experts are qualified, experienced, and fully trained in their respective fields. From astrology readings to love tarot readings to past life readings to dream interpretation – they have it all.

At Psychic Source, customer’s satisfaction is the utmost priority and their mentors and psychic advisers are all well aware of its significance. Psychic Source is available round-the-clock to serve its customers.

Psychic Source is proud to be one of the best psychic reading online websites that have an industry reputation for providing the most accurate and reliable predictions and visions to its customers. Their gifted advisors utilize their intuitive and spiritual powers to see and hear things that are beyond the understanding of any normal human being. If you wish to seek true spiritual healing and cleansing of your soul, Psychic Source is a great place to start.

Special Offers

Psychic Source offers the best discounts for its customers. You will be able to avail of the discount offers which include a 3-minute free trial session with best online psychics of your choosing. Other than this, Psychic Source offers 75% discounts for new visitors on their website, which is quite enticing for anyone who would like to change their destiny.

As soon as a new customer signs up to try their luck with Psychic Source, they are going to keep coming back for more. With its world-class free psychic readings and affordable prices, this platform is the top choice for numerous customers. To give you a glimpse into what to expect, your first sessions with Psychic Source will cost as low as $0.66 per minute, which will be after you have enjoyed 3 minutes of free psychic readings without spending a single dime.

Key Features: Reasons to Choose Psychic Source

  • 3-decades worth of experience in psychic reading online
  • Free first 3-minutes on the first session
  • Always online customer service support
  • Best online psychic reading options are available over the phone or on live or video chat
  • Accurate and reliable predictions about your professional, romantic or general life
  • 75% off for new customers
  • Value for money

Choose One of Psychic Source’s Experienced Psychic Advisors to Unlock New Levels Success in Your Career.

#3. California Psychics: The Best Live Psychics With Handpicked Readers

If you wish to get insights into what is really going on with your life and your soul, we recommend that you try California Psychics. This company had opened its figurative doors to its customers somewhere in the early ’90s. Ever since they started their website, their customers have found trust in them just in the manner a person who is lost finds light at the end of a tunnel.

California Psychics is very serious about keeping its credibility high. They have built their workforce of skilled and strong online psychics readers by putting in a lot of thought into it. To be able to provide the most accurate readings, they make sure that all of their applicants are passed through numerous steps in their recruitment process.

In the beginning, each applicant passes through a very advanced screening process. These tests make sure that only those with great performance and proficiency get hired, which in turn, adds to the company’s credibility.

Furthermore, California Psychics run background checks on their online psychic advisors while also having a rigorous evaluation process, which accounts for the applicants’ reliability, experience, and diligence. Also, as a continuous process, the overall skill and accuracy of readings, as well as customers ratings, are added to each free psychics’ individual ranking.

It is safe to say that California Psychics has a team of top-notch and highly skilled psychic readers to choose from. These individuals will not only provide their customers with very accurate readings to help them with their future but will also provide hope and a very contagiously positive vibe in each appointment.

To be able to set the tone just right and get started, California Psychics’ non-judgemental readings for your future life will be able to give you the head start you always needed. During their past 3 decades of service, they have been able to provide online psychic readings to over 2 million satisfied customers. You can also imagine just how happy each client was based on their 5-start ratings and positive reviews.

Another great detail about California Psychics is that they have a variety of psychic styles to choose from. They also specialize in a large variety of fortune telling services. Their diverse portfolio includes crystal gazing interpretations, I-chings, tarot card readings, pendulums, and so much more.

Throughout the time they have been in business, they have also added a few other forms of psychic reading online and fortune-telling sessions. All of these services will be available right at your fingertips if you prefer chat psychics or free psychic readings by phone.

California Psychics especially takes pride in all of the positive reviews they have received from their clients. They are especially known to be able to provide very accurate tarot card readings as well as unrivaled customer service. You will find numerous reviews where clients swear that California Psychics is the way to go for matters of professional life, financial situations, love, or others.

After visiting their website, you will notice that their registration process is fairly simple and very to the point. You will see a very straightforward form that is easy to fill even for newbies. What really reels in most customers is their impeccable customer service. They help customers whenever they require it which included help to set up the account, technical glitches, and lots more.

Special Offers

Besides having established a great name and many loyal customers, California Psychics has also started sharing the most competitive prices in the market. Their best online psychic readings are followed by readings that wouldn’t break the bank. You will be able to enjoy their services at prices that are as low as just $1 per minute.

Besides their accurate readings, California Psychics have also managed to offer some of the lowest rates in the industry as well. They have managed to do this by dividing their pricing structure into three basic categories which include premium, popular, and preferred. This pricing structure allows their clients to consider which service is best suited to keep their personal interests a priority while also keeping it within their budget.

Key Features: Reasons to Choose California Psychics

  • Experienced and qualified online psychics
  • 24/7 customer care support for local and international clients
  • 5-star reviews for transparency
  • Popular for real-time psychic advice
  • Affordable online psychic readings service starting from $1 per minute
  • First 5-minute free reading for new customers

Seek Spiritual Guidance From Certified Psychics Experts At California Psychics to Find a New Appreciation of Life

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Free Psychic Readings Online Offer Genuine and Realistic Advice?

Most people are of the opinion that free psychic readings are, for the most part, untrustworthy. We’re here to tell you that this is a huge misconception and it shouldn’t be accepted by anyone on the verge of trying it for the first time.

Each online psychic reading, especially through these websites, is 100% genuine. In fact, these best psychics have a massive market share in the online psychic reading industry.

Besides online psychics being perceived as frauds, many people are not entirely convinced by the advice they receive. Well, this usually happens when you don’t ask the right questions. The key to being satisfied by the answers you receive in an online psychic reading session is to ask all the right questions.

Make sure that you consider all the questions you will ask your online psychics before scheduling an appointment with them. You should also be aware of the types of questions you are going to be asking because some readings can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You are guaranteed to experience the best results if you are very specific about the inquiries. Doing so creates spiritual links and there are numerous ways of doing so. Of course, this entirely depends on the online psychics you choose.

Additionally, best psychic readings websites such as Kasamba, California Psychics, and Psychic Source are thoroughly vetted before they are allowed to spiritually guide the masses.

Why Is Free Psychic Reading Online Important?

It is a universal fact that nobody is an island. It doesn’t matter how hard we try to convince ourselves that we don’t need emotional and physical support to get through each day. At the end of the day, we are all human beings who need a little companionship.

What do you think happens if you crave something and can’t seem to find it? Well, you slowly start to lose your grip on your surroundings and everything feels as though it may be falling apart. So much so that you might start to believe that you cannot make it out of your mess all alone.

Granted, your family, friends, and loved ones will try to help you, but there is only so much that everyone can do. Often, issues need to be handled by professionals, and best psychics are well-equipped to handle such jobs. We are talking about the best psychic readings that will allow you to see a lot more clearly into the future that confuses you and to heal your pain from the past.

What Types of Serves Can You Avail With Best Psychic Reading By Phone?

You can easily reach out to some of the best psychics on the internet to ask for help in tough situations that you might be facing in your life. These services encompass a larger variety of services which cover all of the following categories:

  1. Relationships and love
  2. Free tarot readings
  3. Fortune telling
  4. Dream interpretation
  5. Astrology readings
  6. Numerology
  7. Career Forecasts
  8. Occult
  9. Numerology
  10. Kabbalah
  11. Eastern Philosophy
  12. Paranormal
  13. Graphology
  14. Picture Readings
  15. Past Life Readings
  16. Universal Laws
  17. New Age Spirituality
  18. Financial Outlook
  19. Intimacy
  20. Religion

Final Words

In conclusion, online psychic readings are being offered to the world at large as a ray of hope in the hopelessness of the modern world. Free psychics have been able to stir up a revolution in the industry by offering quality and convenience to the fingertips of users. Nowadays, you can easily connect with best psychics without ever stepping out of the comfort of your home and seeking guidance, spiritual healing, and help for all the challenges you face in your life.

We hope that all the information in this blog can tick all the checkboxes and doubts you may have been facing about free psychic reading online. We have handpicked all of the best psychic readings platforms by phone, chat, live, or other means and have reviewed them for you. Now, you won’t have to sift through the plethora of satisfactory or fake psychic reading platforms on the internet.

You can take your time to explore each of these above-mentioned best psychics platforms in your own time to choose one that suits your purpose and your ideology. The key to finding something that you are completely comfortable with amid all the chaos is to try all of the above-mentioned best online psychic readings platforms and to settle for the one you like best.

Therefore, if you have made a failed vocational decision, are suffering from a broken heart, or just need general guidance, there is an online psychic waiting to guide you in one of the above-mentioned platforms. Let the best psychics be your guide.

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